Minnesota Sheriff Issues Warning About Adult-Use Legalization

Minnesota Sheriff Issues Warning About Adult-Use Legalization

As a pair of cannabis legalization bills pass through the Minnesota legislature, supporters have hailed the bills as a common-sense approach to reforming cannabis policy. It urges and cautions lawmakers to consider the impact of law enforcement on law enforcement.

bill fragment, house file 100 and Senate File 73This will allow adults over the age of 21 to purchase up to 2 ounces of cannabis. Adults are permitted to possess up to 2 ounces of cannabis in public places and up to 5 pounds in private residences. Adults are also permitted to gift up to 2 ounces of cannabis to another adult. The bill also allows home cultivation of marijuana, allowing adults to grow up to eight cannabis plants, including up to four mature plants.

The bill, currently under consideration by numerous legislative committees in both the House and Senate, also establishes a regulatory framework for the production, processing and sale of commercial cannabis. The law appoints a new Cannabis Authority to license and regulate cannabis businesses and includes provisions to allow cities and counties to own and operate government-run dispensaries. In addition to cannabis growers, processors and retailers, the bill authorizes home delivery service licenses and temporary permits for on-site consumption of cannabis products at special events.

The law also includes social equity provisions, including automatic expungement of records of previous marijuana-related crimes. In addition, Social Equity applicants for cannabis business licenses are awarded bonus points during the application scoring process.

Travis Copenhaver, partner at cannabis law firm Vicente LLP, said the proposed cannabis legalization bill would include provisions to keep Minnesota’s adult-use cannabis market from being dominated by big corporations. , said it is drawing on the experience of other states that have legalized cannabis.

“Legalization is always a difficult time with many outstanding issues,” Copenhaber wrote in an email. high times“Senate File 73/House File 100 created 12 adult license types, each intended to prevent monopoly and ensure opportunities were created for the benefit of the State of Minnesota and its residents. is.”

“As these bills continue to move forward, Minnesota can afford to study the successes and failures of other states in the region, as well as its own successful health care programs,” he added.

County sheriff urges caution Minnesota

Sheriff Chad Meester of Lincoln County, a local jurisdiction in southwestern Minnesota with fewer than 6,000 residents, called on lawmakers and the state to move cautiously toward legalizing marijuana.in social media posts Quoted by Marshall independenceMeester pleaded with county residents to consider arguments both for and against legalizing marijuana.

“Fundamentally, what I’m trying to tell the public and voters needs a real, serious consideration of the pros and cons in the legislature,” Meester said.

“There are some serious concerns” about marijuana legalization, Meester said, adding that he was concerned about the potential increase in disabled drivers on state roads. admitted that they would have difficulty determining whether they were impaired by marijuana.

“It takes training and it takes resources to deal with it,” says Meester.

Meester called for “appropriate funding” for law enforcement to successfully legalize cannabis. The sheriff also said legislation should include funding to develop roadside tests for impairments, drug awareness officer training, and other public health and safety costs.

“For my part, I’d be interested to know what the experts think,” writes Meester.

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