Missouri Medical Marijuana Sales Top $2 Million Per Week

Missouri Medical Marijuana Sales Top $2 Million Per Week

In the third week of March, Missouri saw the highest sales of medical marijuana ever. To date, state medical marijuana sales totaled $ 22.2 million, according to a report released by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

Weekly medicated weed sales in Missouri Eclipse $ 2 Million

After COVID-19 ensured a solid start in the Shawmy medical cannabis market in October 2020, marijuana sales seem to have finally found a solid foundation. From late February to mid-March, weekly medical marijuana sales consistently approached $ 2 million. However, in the week of March 19, these sales reached a record $ 2.4 million.

Andrew Malins, Managing Director of the Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade Association (MoCannTrade), said:

While economic stagnation and tighter safety regulations may have delayed the opening of the first Missouri pharmacy, weed blogs regularly discuss how the cannabis industry has proved to be evidence of a pandemic. I am reporting to. Legal marijuana sales increased nearly 50% from March to April 2020 in key markets across the United States, according to sources at New Frontier Data. Since then, states such as Oregon, Illinois, and Colorado have skyrocketed to record annual sales of over $ 1 billion.

Andrew Mullins of MoCannTrade said that Missouri’s growing medical marijuana market is “thousands of new while improving the health and well-being of Missouri patients, as well as pouring millions of new and necessary tax revenues into the state. We are creating jobs. “

For $ 22.2 million in marijuana products sold, Missouri patients are assigned to the health and well-being of veterans after funding the management and statutory costs of medical marijuana programs, with an established 4% I paid the consumption tax. With more than 90,000 Missouri citizens enrolled as patients or caregivers in the Missouri Medical Marijuana Program, the Missouri Veterans Commission is becoming more and more funded for the future.

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