Montana Tops $200 Million in First Year of Recreational Pot Sales

Montana Tops $200 Million in First Year of Recreational Pot Sales

Montana raised over $200 million in its first year of recreational cannabis sales. the state reported this week.

Montana Department of Revenue release figure Details how much money will be generated in medical and recreational marijuana sales in 2022.

Last year, the state’s recreational marijuana market was launched. Voters he legalized medical cannabis in 2004.

Revenue Department Said In 2022, adult marijuana sales were $22947,328 and medical cannabis sales were $93,616,551.

Combined, the two totaled $33,563,879 in total marijuana sales last year.

According to the Department of Revenue, Montana generated $41,989,466 in tax revenue from recreational cannabis sales and $3,744,662 in tax revenue from medical cannabis sales. Combined, the state earned her $45,734,128 in tax revenue from her 2022 marijuana sales.

The state imposes a 20% tax on the sale of recreational cannabis and a 4% tax on medical marijuana.

The Department of Revenue said all figures are estimates.

Voters in Montana have approved a ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana in 2020. The state is he one of her four states that voters passed a legalization proposal that year. The law will come into force in 2021.

“Since January, we have been focused on enforcing the will of Montana voters in a safe, responsible, and well-regulated manner. House Bill 701 accomplishes this.” Governor Greg Gianforte said in May 2021, as quoted by local news station KTVH.“From the beginning it was clear that we needed to bring in more resources … to combat the drug epidemic that was ravaging our communities.”

Gianforte’s biggest concern with the new law was the creation of a HEART fund to subsidize substance abuse treatment in Montana with proceeds from the sale of recreational marijuana.

“Funding a full continuum of substance abuse prevention and treatment programs for the community, the HEART Foundation offers new support for Montanas who want to be clean, sober and healthy,” said Gianforte. After signing the bill in 2021, Quoted from KTVH.

Like other states that have ended bans on adult cannabis use, Montana’s new law includes elements to remedy the harm caused by the war on drugs.

The law “allows courts to retry or expunge marijuana offenses currently considered lawful or lesser crimes, but does not enact an automatic expungement process.” according to montana free press, However, “the erasure policy faces criticism that it is unwieldy and unclear.”

Last March, the State Supreme Court issued interim rules to clarify the cancellation application process.

The law states, “Anyone convicted of a crime currently legal in the state can petition to have that conviction removed from the record, given a lesser sentence, or reclassified to a lesser crime. can do,” he said. by Missoula Current.

The biggest explanation given by the Montana Supreme Court is that of Missoula Current I got itwas to inform individuals that “they may file an expungement request with the court of first judgment.”

After President Joe Biden issued a pardon last October for all federal convicts of marijuana possession, he encouraged all states to follow his lead.

Advocate for Gianforte said to montana free press At that point, “the governor will continue to evaluate pardons submitted through the Pardon and Parole Board on a case-by-case basis. [state] decree.

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