Mothers Fighting to Destigmatize Cannabis

Mothers Fighting to Destigmatize Cannabis

What do a breast cancer survivor Christian, a white-collar Miami mother of two, and the founder of a national canna mom gang community have in common? It shows how your role as a caregiver can improve. And while they are less stigmatized, more accepted and have access to community-based support than in years past, the insidious stigma surrounding motherhood and cannabis use has yet to be eradicated. Hmm.

Encouraging cannabis to creep into the mainstream through legalization, availability, and pop culture has alleviated shame about mothers and their plant use. The belief that there is is still deeply rooted in every corner of society.

is not bad moms Portrayed in the Hollywood blockbuster starring Mila Kunis and Kirsten Bell. When the only goal is to be a more present, loving, and playful parent, they often simply try to replace the use of prescription drugs for physical and mental health. So why do side eyes remain?

Fighting the eye of judgment is a battle that these three mothers seem to be winning.

Courtesy of Laura


A Mormon-raised (though no longer practicing) mother of three boys under the age of 15 said, “The negatives are the uninformed keyboard warriors, people in the professional world, They come from institutions and authority figures.

Often seen on Instagram Stories smoking a bowl out of a giant round-bottomed bong, while chatting about her favorite bong cleaners and typical grievances and celebrations of motherhood, Laura is a mental health caregiver. He also confided in his struggle with Her honest, cheerful, no-shit demeanor, combined with her desire to interact with other mothers who love weed, has led her to create her community online. kanna mama gang.

With more than 6,000 members in nearly every state, she brings together women who have no empathy for their struggles as parents via virtual or real smoke sessions hosted by local chapters.Laura says most of the women in the group who live in illegal states secretly consume and personally scrutinize all additions kanna mama gang instagram The account ensures the group a layer of mutual trust and security for moms.

“When I had the logo made three and a half years ago, I made two at once. Because more mothers in the states than otherwise can’t even wear cannabis,” she said, referring to the first version of the logo, created by fellow group member Mindy Gum. say. -Grivell, appeared in every Kanna her mum her gang merchandise.

Sometimes Laura spent days and weeks in bed. “I was sick of crying. My kids were sleeping with me,” she remembers. ‘s prescription drug “made me feel like a zombie.” Her husband didn’t encourage her to try cannabis until some clinics opened in her town. After she vowed to get too high one night in her late teens and throw her stuff away, she didn’t consider it an option for her.

Laura is adamant that cannabis helps her get out of bed every day. “At the end of the day, we’re not going anywhere,” she continues, whether or not she takes a bon lip in the media. “And for those who are still hidden, we speak loud and proud.”

Courtesy of Jordyn


This 32-year-old Miami mother of two sums up how cannabis makes her a better parent. It’s patience.

surely Have patience. I am quite nervous and get angry easily. [cannabis] just calms me down Not stressing about everything slows down the mental process and gives you more enthusiasm.

Her 7-year-old son knows “Mommy’s Medicine” and knows what a dispensing pharmacy is. About a year ago, Jordyn recalled, “I remember giggling about the new tension when my son told me, ‘You’re such a funny mom, you look like a kid.’ I’m on his level, we’re on the same wavelength and it’s kind of like we can have fun together – that’s how he sees it.

Raised by a Jamaican mother who was “extremely anti-marijuana” social media influencer At night, the corporate coordinator says it’s her mother who gets her most criticism, lamenting that “she refuses to understand it.” Jordyn received negative backlash online, but she says the majority of the engagement was overwhelmingly positive. “I quickly learned that talking about cannabis was popular within the community, especially among mothers. After many posts, not only did I gain followers, but I also gained haters. … They said, “If you want cannabis, you shouldn’t be a better parent if you want to be a better parent. [of cannabis] and share my experience. But I saw more positivity than hate. ”

The juxtaposition of working as a top-notch employee while simultaneously posting about normalizing cannabis use in a professional setting led Jordyn’s virtual audience to grow rapidly at first. As a working mother in a cannabis-unfriendly environment, speaking up and being open about cannabis use is something she stopped worrying about long ago.

Courtesy of Jessica


A member of the Canna Mom Gang and Laura’s best friend, she was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was four months pregnant. “I had a unilateral mastectomy and then gave birth to her daughter. [I had] Surgery, reconstruction, everything,” explains the Southern Californian candidly.

A 12-year-old former preschool teacher, Jessica is now cancer-free and creates her own cannabis capsules, topicals, and suppositories to manage nighttime phantom limb pain in addition to smoking. “I can’t take her T3…and have an infant,” she says of opioid-based pain relievers. Jessica’s mother was more supportive of her cannabis use than her father, a military man and her former medical worker.

“He didn’t talk to me when he found out I was using [cannabis] For almost a year, when I finally met him, I had to justify what I was going through. because I had cancer. Certain critical friends have since made acquaintances because Jessica doesn’t like smoking or being stoned around her, and “she doesn’t fully embrace who I am.”

A devout Christian, Jessica has no hesitation in smoking in front of church. He is also proud that he has belonged to the same church since before he was a teenager and has not received a single negative word from any member of the congregation. It’s because, she says, everyone knows her backstory.

“Even if they smell me, they won’t say anything,” she laughs.

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