Moxie Launches in Ohio

Moxie Launches in Ohio

moxie, California’s first licensed cannabis brand, has launched premium medical cannabis products in Ohio. Moxie is one of the original California-based premium brands offering pioneering extraction technology, award-winning concentrates, live resins, liquid moxies, delicious gummy products, and world-famous curated cannabis. Known for plant genetics breeding. Moxy is now part of High Times, the original authentic media and cannabis operator known for the Cannabis Cup competition, headquartered in California.

In Ohio, Moxy has partnered with Green Investment Partners and its operating company, Routed Management Services, run by Gabe Parlow, Matt Borders, Cody Boyer and Ray Boyer. It has pioneered the introduction of the Moxie brand along with PurePen of Pennsylvania and Organic Remedies of Missouri. , and Moxie affiliates during their time in the medical market in Michigan.

Over the past year, Green Investment Partners (GIP) and Rooted Management Partners have transitioned their operations to Rooted’s industry-leading procedures, including capital investments to improve GIP’s growing and processing operations, as well as Moxy Genetics. spent introducing new genetics into the work of GIP, including GIP also expanded its processing operations to increase production of Moxie brand concentrates, vaporizer cartridges and gummies. Moxy’s indoor-grown premium flowers are expected to be available in Ohio by Fall 2023.

Rooted introduces a new product known as Caviar Dots under the Moxie brand to the Ohio medical market. Caviar Dot will be available in Ohio in July. Caviar Dot is a potent blend of ground flowers, delta-9 THC oil, and kief that enhances the patient’s experience regardless of how they are taken, and promises to add potency and flavor to even the blandest of other products. purpose.

Moxie, GIP and Rooted are taking an approach to expanding craft cannabis offerings in Ohio to the next level by providing patients with quality products at affordable prices.

“It took [Rooted] It will take approximately one year to make the necessary capital improvements, implement standard operating procedures, and add to the GIP facility the scale required to operate a world-class cannabis production facility. In parallel with these efforts, we have been diligently introducing new Moxie genes as well as genes from GIP’s value brand, Eden’s Tree. This will allow us to provide patients in Ohio with the most acclaimed and popular cannabis products. said Gabe Parlow, the operator of GIP’s facility and former CEO of PurePen, which produced Moxy’s products in Pennsylvania.

Parlow added, “The key to our success is our focus on quality and consistency, while being affordable. We make products that people want.”

Parlow and his team appear to have perfected a model of surgery in multiple states after successful operations in Pennsylvania and, most recently, Missouri as part of Organic Remedies Missouri.

“We replicate the same model at each location, and in the case of Ohio, our facilities are designed or redesigned with the same training, equipment, and culture. Values ​​such as respect, integrity, collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to excellence are key to our success.We recruit people according to these values, and work with the entire team from the bottom up and from the top down. We maintain these expectations by recreating the same successful workflows using the same standard operating procedures and the same materials and equipment that have yielded excellent results in other markets.Results in multiple states We took the guesswork out of operations by reproducing .

GIP flowers and processed products are led by managers trained and brought in from other markets who partner with Rooted Management Services and are genetically processed in a manner that ensures the highest possible level of consistency and potency. ensure that is cultivated. By controlling the cultivation of the plant material used in its products and by inviting team members and leaders from existing facilities to replicate the same model, the Moxie and Eden’s Trees brands are able to avoid the pitfalls faced by new or inexperienced manufacturers. avoiding a lot of

While the business model creates uniformity, the Rooted Management Services leadership team ensures that only the highest quality cannabis products are produced for the Moxie brand.

Parlow said: We have business experience and want to build a successful brand and strong business, but we are also very passionate about this factory and the products we produce. As patients and caregivers ourselves, we have seen firsthand the amazing benefits this plant provides. As product enthusiasts, we appreciate that cannabis-based medicines offer an enjoyable experience while also providing relief from serious medical conditions. We put a lot of passion into the business and products we make and are proud to serve patients in Ohio. Our management team and employees share the same enthusiasm, excitement, passion, pride and dedication to producing quality, affordable products. “

GIP and Rooted Management Services become so-called “competitors” (competitors working together to build a highly compliant industry while serving Ohio patients) with other licensed operators We are working with our dispensing partners to ensure that our retail teams are well informed and educated. We will do our best to explain what Moxie and Eden’s Trees has to offer and how it benefits our dispensing pharmacy partners and Ohio patients. Parlow said the company takes pride in the products it makes and wants its retail partners to be equally excited about what it can offer to patients in Ohio.

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