NASA Clears Elon Musk’s SpaceX of Suspected Drug Use

NASA Clears Elon Musk’s SpaceX of Suspected Drug Use

After major media outlets sounded the alarm about Elon Musk's alleged psychedelic use, NASA officials were called in and quickly cracked down on wrongdoing at the billionaire's company. This is just the latest round of NASA's safety review of SpaceX following a series of drug- and psychedelic-related stunts by Musk.

Thanks to January 6th Explosive and salacious report in wall street journal NASA was forced to investigate Elon Musk's rap sheet for drug use including ketamine, LSD, cocaine, MDMA, and mushrooms. wall street journal has raised concerns about Musk's “mental health issues” in the report, which are linked to his use of psychedelic drugs at work.

business insider report WSJ reported that some SpaceX executives were troubled by Musk's erratic behavior during an all-hands meeting in 2017, during which he allegedly “had slurred speech and rambled for about 15 minutes.” WSJ reported that he had said that he was Two days later, SpaceX released a video recording one of its all-hands meetings at X that year. It's unclear if it's the same meeting, but it was clearly posted in response to the WSJ article.

In SpaceX's video of the 2017 all-hands meeting, Musk stumbled over his words, confused the day with Friday instead of Tuesday, and even announced that the timing of SpaceX's series of launches was incorrect. . SpaceX COO Gwyn Schottwerb corrected himself twice in the video.

However, he explained in the video that he was sleep deprived. “I'm sorry, but I think my words are slurred and I want to make my words clear,” Musk said at another point. “I'm sorry, I barely slept last night and my brain wasn't working properly.”

mask denounced wall street journal In X, Tweet“After I had my smokes with Logan, I agreed to undergo three years of random drug testing at NASA's request. No traces of drugs or alcohol were detected.

“The Wall Street Journal is not a good place to list parrot cages for birds.”

This is not the first time that a publication comes after him for the same reason. wall street journal An interesting article from July last year reported that Musk was taking ketamine.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration said in a statement Thursday: “The agency has no evidence of noncompliance by SpaceX with respect to how SpaceX approaches regulations regarding drug and alcohol prohibition for its employees. '' said in a statement. “We expect our commercial partners to meet all workplace safety requirements in the performance of these missions and the services they provide to the American people.”

Since taking over Twitter, Musk has changed his name to revived.

The blunt weapon that started it all

Most of these controversies over drug use can be traced back to an incident nearly six years ago when he smoked a blunt object on camera, causing NASA and government officials to lose their minds.

Musk made a candid statement on Joe Rogan's show in 2018, shocking Tesla investors in the process. The high-profile smoke session was livestreamed on YouTube's “The Joe Rogan Experience.” Musk also reportedly drank whiskey during the taping of Rogan's podcast, which included a conversation about luxury watches, artificial intelligence and Mars.

According to media reports, Mr. Rogan and Mr. Musk spoke for about two hours until the host pulled out a blunt object and smoked it, explaining that it was “marijuana in a cigarette.”

“I think I tried it once,” Musk replied.

Before the attack, Mr. Musk made it clear to Mr. Logan that he had no intention of breaking any laws.

“I mean, it's legal, right?” he asked.

High Times' Jimi Devine asked if this could have been the most expensive blunt weapon ever, given the safety review SpaceX had to undergo because of the blunt weapon.

NASA ultimately paid SpaceX $5 million to conduct the study, but this was the first time taxpayers were reported to have paid for it. SpaceX's rival in NASA's commercial crew program, Boeing Co., which outsources trips to the space station so NASA can focus time on more distant efforts such as Mars, is also under review. I was forced to.

of washington post Last fall, we reported that the review would take several months and include hundreds of interviews that delved into SpaceX and Boeing's workplace culture.

Musk too tweeted Last year, SpaceX's much-anticipated test flight of its Starship rocket (scheduled to eventually take it to the moon and Mars) was postponed from its original launch date of April 19, 2023, to a new date of April 20. postponed. This is his second test flight. He joked about the holiday on social media.

On August 7, 2018, Musk tweeted that he was considering taking Tesla private and said the acquisition price would be $420 per share.

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