NBA Deal Would Remove THC Drug Testing, Allow Player Investment in MJ Companies

NBA Deal Would Remove THC Drug Testing, Allow Player Investment in MJ Companies

The National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) are helping usher in a new era for sports and cannabis with a new interim deal.

While the deal must be approved by players and team governors before it can be made official, the NBA will not only remove cannabis from players’ banned substance lists, but will also allow players to promote and invest in cannabis companies. It’s a schedule.To athletic.

These new details came out in a seven-year collective bargaining agreement that was finalized last weekend. The agreement formally codifies the league’s decision to temporarily suspend cannabis testing for the past three seasons, and formally removes the cannabis drug testing requirement for athletes.

A new step forward for the NBA

It’s been a long time since I moved. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver suggested in 2020 that the association’s temporary policy could one day become permanent after initially suspending cannabis testing.

“Given all that is going on in society, and all the pressure and stress that our players have been under, we have decided that it is not necessary for us to act as Big Brother right now.” I think it’s changed the way we look at it to some extent.”

In 2021, Weedmaps will also announce a partnership with NBA star Kevin Durant for a multi-year partnership aimed at de-stigmatizing cannabis and demonstrating the plant’s potential to support “athlete health and recovery.” entered into a partnership.

While other professional sports leagues are steadily moving in similar directions, the NBA stands out for its purpose of enabling players to promote and invest in cannabis companies. The deal also allows players to invest in NBA and WNBA teams and sign non-gambling guarantee agreements with sports betting companies.

Reigniting Cannabis and Sports Conversations in the NBA

As the industry continues to grow, the conversation between cannabis and sports is reaching new heights. We are open about cannabis use and its benefits during and beyond a career.

in a 2019 interview high timesWilliams said the NFL was improving in its approach to cannabis, but believed there was more that could be done.

“The NFL is a powerful company with a lot of influence, and if they drastically changed their approach, it could make a lot of difference in the world.

Shakari Richardson has especially sparked renewed interest in cannabis policy in sports in 2021 after being suspended for testing positive for THC after her mother’s death and missing the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. . If her story provokes broader policy changes in other athletes, she’ll feel “congratulated and proud.”

The topic of cannabis and sports continued to be a hot topic in 2022 after US basketball player Britney Griner was detained in Russia for possession of a THC vape.

Athletes continue to be open about cannabis use related to health and wellness. research While we continue to affirm that cannabis and cannabinoid products may aid exercise training and recovery, more research is needed on this topic as a whole.

Cannabis advances in sports

As the NBA leads this debate, other major sports leagues are steadily moving in the same direction.

During the 2021 offseason, the NFL and the NFL Players Association agreed to changes to the league’s cannabis policy. The updated policy requires players to be tested for cannabis once a year, at the start of his training camp. Previously, players who failed tests were subject to lengthy suspensions, but are now only subject to fines.

In 2022, the NFL also approved $1 million in grants for two studies examining the efficacy of cannabis and its compounds for managing pain and providing neuroprotection from concussion in football players.

MLB has also taken a more progressive stance in recent years. In 2020, clarified After just a few months, players won’t be penalized for using cannabis cannabis removal From the list of prohibited substances. Prior to the change, players who tested positive for THC were subject to compulsory treatment and those who did not comply faced fines of up to $35,000.

In 2021, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has announced that it will not punish fighters who test positive for cannabis.

The NBPA’s official Twitter account is news release The company announced a preliminary transaction on April 1, confirming that “specific details will be available once the term sheet is finalized.”

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