Nevada Officials Award Final 20 Licenses for Cannabis Lounges

Nevada Officials Award Final 20 Licenses for Cannabis Lounges

State officials in Nevada have announced the final 20 applicants who will receive licenses that allow them to operate cannabis consumption lounges.

The Nevada Cannabis Compliance Commission will conduct a digital lottery on Wednesday “that will determine, via a random number selector, the issuance of independent cannabis consumption lounge licenses for non-social equity applicants and social equity applicants.” did. Said.

The state law opened the door for the board to “issue 20 independent cannabis consumption lounge licenses, half of which (10) are designated social equity applicants.”

The board has said the lounge is expected to open next year.

On Wednesday, the Regulatory Commission announced The following Social Equity applicants will receive licenses to open lounges where cannabis consumption is permitted. NV Cloud 420 Lounge LLC (Las Vegas City). GGCPA SE Inc (Nye County); MEDSnSIN (Las Vegas);

Sunflower Compassionate Company (City of Las Vegas); Lyxe Consulting LLC (City of Las Vegas); Greenwood Investment Group, LLC (City of Las Vegas); N&D Enterprises LLP (City of Las Vegas); TLC LLC (City of Las Vegas); and GGCPA SE 3 Inc (Unincorporated Clark County).

Applicants for the following non-social shares were also selected by random drawing. FCWC Operations LLC (City of Las Vegas). Shanghai Lounge LLC (Clark County, unincorporated); Higher*Archy LLC (City of Las Vegas); Limo Joint LLC (Clark County, unincorporated);

KV Group, LLV (Nye County); The Standard Lounge, LLC (Unincorporated Clark County); La Lounge LLC (Unincorporated Clark County); Cafecito SW LLC (Unincorporated Clark County)

Las Vegas cannabis industry leader (City of Las Vegas); and Rolling Cloudz LLC (Unincorporated Clark County).

Nevada legislators last year signed funding for the Cannabis Compliance Commission to hire the staff and support needed to implement the consumption lounge framework.

In June, the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board signed the final round of regulations for consumption lounges.

“In addition to outlining consumption lounge licensing and operations, the regulations approved today lay the groundwork for greater inclusion in the Nevada cannabis industry,” the commission said in a press release at the time. “All applicants must submit a diversity plan outlining actionable steps and goals for meaningful inclusion. must be awarded to applicants for public equity.”

“Before the open license period, [Cannabis Compliance Board] We plan to roll out tools and resources such as worksheets, video tutorials, and live webinars to help interested parties access the same information and successfully submit their applications. “CCB plans to begin the first licensing round for consumption lounges in the fall, which will allow the first consumption lounges to open as early as the end of the year.”

Local TV station KTNV reported. “A handful of applicants gathered at the Mariposa restaurant.” [in Las Vegas on Wednesday] To see the virtual drawing unfold. ”

Tyler Kilmuth, executive director of the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Commission, told the station about what awaits selected applicants.

“We interview them and make sure we understand their ownership structure and business plan. We will determine if there is,” says Kilmas.

According to the bureau, “the country has opened an application period.” [in October], a total of 99 license applications were submitted. ”

Nevada voters approved a ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana use in the state in 2016.

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