Nevada Releases Bulletin for Products Affected by Unapproved Pesticide

Nevada Releases Bulletin for Products Affected by Unapproved Pesticide

The Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) recently issued a public health and safety bulletin on the use of unapproved pesticides on January 19th. “CCB has been notified that the following cannabis and cannabis products have been treated with the unapproved pesticide Ethephon at Clark Natural Medicinal Solutions, LLC,” CCB explained in it. preliminary report.

According to the bulletin, there are currently no reported illnesses.

The pesticide will take effect between July 23, 2021 and January 5, 2023, and the CCB has instructed consumers to check the label of cannabis purchased (this includes flower, shake or trim). , including pre-rolls). “All cannabis products properly sold by licensed cannabis sales establishments must have a product label on the packaging,” the CCB wrote. “The name of the growing facility where the cannabis was grown and the date of harvest are usually listed at the top of the label.”

CCB has also compiled a list of products that may have been affected by the pesticide. This includes over 117 edibles sold in 104 pharmacies, 41 infused pre-rolls and over 200 concentrates.

by US Environmental Protection Agency, Ethephon was discovered in 1965 and registered as an insecticide in 1973. “Ethephon is registered for use in many edible, fodder and non-edible crops, greenhouse nurseries, and outdoor houseplants, but is primarily used in cotton. Includes intermediates and soluble concentrates/liquids.”

The EPA also says Ethephon can cause severe skin and eye irritation, but otherwise “moderate acute toxicity

CCB also says its testing facility is not currently specifically testing Ethephon. “There is no reason to believe that cannabis sales establishments or cannabis testing facilities had any knowledge of the use of this unapproved pesticide. The method is not set to detect Ethephon.”

According to the Nevada Department of Agriculture, Updated as of August 2022there is 86 pesticides not legally banned Used for cannabis plants. This can range from minimal risk ingredients such as cinnamon, garlic oil, or zinc metal flakes to registered pesticides such as microbutanil, which are “monitored for resistance”.

In the past, the CCB has issued several such safety bulletins. 1 bulletin was issued to 2020, dealt with a failed microbiology test. Three issues will be published in 2021 and contain more information. Microbiological test failure, Wrong THC potency testWhen Products that could not be verified as testedTwo bulletins have been issued for 2022. Unverifiable test When Incorrectly displayed product.

In addition to these bulletins, CCB has awarded the final license for Nevada consumption lounges in December 2022. Half of them were designated as social equity applicants. Funding for consumption lounges was first approved in August 2021, with regulations such as safety protocols, staff training and location restrictions approved by legislators in June 2022. Now the consumption lounge is “Likely to open by summer 2023said CCB.

A judge ruled last year seeking to remove cannabis from the Schedule 1 category of the Controlled Substances Act. In September 2022, Judge Joe Hardy ordered the Nevada State Pharmacy Commission to remove cannabis from its current schedule designation because cannabis is recognized by the Nevada Constitution as having medical value. “The constitutional right to use marijuana on the advice of a physician establishes that marijuana has accepted medical uses and treatments in the United States,” Hardy said.

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