New Frontier Data Explores How Packaging Affects Consumer Purchasing Habits

New Frontier Data Explores How Packaging Affects Consumer Purchasing Habits

Cannabis retail marketing needs to be well researched to catch the eye of potential customers, especially in a market with a lot of competition. What the brand’s packaging says about the productand how it is perceived by consumers. new frontier data Use information collected and published on recently published websites american cannabis consumers The report identifies consumers based on their industry buying behavior and trends: Savvy Enthusiasts, Modern Lifestylers, Legacy Lifestylers, Medical Lifestylers, Modern Pharmaceuticals, Avid Explorers, Social Nibblers, categorized as holistic healers, infrequent attendees).

51% of consumers choose products based on desired effects such as sleep, energy, cooling and creativity. Potency is also a factor, but New Frontier Data’s latest report explored the end result of how popular brands’ packaging looks and shared what people tend to like most.

In this product survey, when participants were asked if they would look for flowers from a particular brand or company, 43% answered “sometimes”, 21% “always”, 19% “rarely”, and 17% ” Not at all.” I replied. Overall, 28% added that branding and packaging are “very or very important” when considering what to buy.

Six different images of flower packages. Percentage of consumers who most prefer these packaging themes: Black Minimalist Jar (7%), Gold Jar (9%), Kraft Paper Jar (14%) Mountain Landscape Jar (16%), Hippie Colorful Jar (17%) , and prescription white jars (36%).

The Black Minimalist Jar is said to be a popular choice among different age groups, but was often chosen because it was “cool, modern and masculine”. Those who favored this jar typically spent between $50 and $199 per transaction and were more likely to consume cannabis on a daily basis.

Gold jars were most popular with consumers over 55, described as “cool, natural, or modern.” Some described her as feminine, but she was somewhat preferred by men. People who are attracted to this jar typically tend to buy 3.5 to 14 grams per month, about $50 to $99 per purchase. This particular consumer is also more likely to favor topical and transdermal products.

Featuring a simple brown exterior with black text, the kraft paper jar appealed to consumers who like to consume cannabis socially because it’s “natural, authentic, and cool.” People who are attracted to this package tend to buy $20-$99 worth of product in one purchase.

The Mountain Landscape Jar appealed to young consumers because it was “cool, natural and authentic.” They were also the customers most likely to choose e-cigarettes as their primary mode of consumption.

Hippie’s colorful jars were the most colorful, attracting more medical cannabis consumers than adult consumers, and described the jars as “cool, authentic, and modern.” Of these consumers, 64% of them typically spend from $20 to $99 for him in a single purchase and prefer food over other consumption methods.

Finally, the Prescription White Jar was the most popular of all these designs, appealing to all age groups and consumer types with its “medicinal, authentic, natural” approach to design. Those who chose this tended to buy more than an ounce of cannabis each month and preferred flowers to all other product types.

New Frontier Data cites Harvard Professor Gerald Zaltman, a marketing expert and co-founder of Olson Zaltman Associates, a consultancy that has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands.According to Zaltmann’s book Customer Mindset: Key Insights into Market Psychology95% of purchasing decisions are made subconsciously, and 93% of people “rely on visual cues when considering new products.”

With this in mind, New Frontier Data recommends that companies continue to consider when creating their branded product identities. “As consumers become more diverse, and both their motives and methods of consumption become clearer, brands are not content to simply sell flowers, but rather how a particular product fits their consumer goals. The aim should be to directly clarify

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