New Jersey Cultivation Cap Expired, But Real Estate Issues Remain

New Jersey Cultivation Cap Expired, But Real Estate Issues Remain

New Jersey’s cannabis legalization law originally took effect in 2021, setting the grower cap at 37 licenses. Adult sales began in April 2022, but at the time he was the only seven growers licensed to supply cannabis to 13 dispensaries across the state.Last month, the Cannabis Control Commission (CRC) lowered the cap to Until February 22nd.

“The market is developing and we don’t want to get in the way. New Jersey’s canopy is currently only 418,000 square feet, well below the average of other states where cannabis is legal.” Commissioner Maria del Cid Cosso said:“New Jersey currently has only one grow license for every 197,000 residents. The national average is one license for every 31,000 residents. We have a lot of room to grow. We expect that unlocking will open up space for more growers, ultimately leading to more favorable pricing and better access to patients and other consumers.”

As of March 2nd, the CRC has granted the license. 17 active growing facilitiesHowever, many New Jersey municipalities are opting out of adult-use cannabis, even as the growing permit limits change. Ashbury Park Press Nearly 400 towns have opted out of being home to cannabis businesses, reported Darrin Chandler Jr., co-founder and president of New Jersey-based Premium Genetics. MJBiz Daily Finding potential real estate opportunities is “nearly impossible” and prices are “astronomical,” he said.

On the patient side, New Jersey is the only state with a medical cannabis program that does not allow patients to grow it at home. In 2008, a number of bills were introduced to allow home cultivation. Building S342Sponsored by Sen. Troy Singleton and Sen. Vin Gopal, will allow patients to grow at home.However, reports from Politico Opposition from Senate Speaker Nick Scutari is a significant obstacle to the bill, he said.

The New Jersey industry continues to attract outside cannabis businesses.brands such as al harrington viola The product is expanding statewide starting March 24th at RISE dispensaries this month. Harrington says he wants to grow his brand and support his community. “We want to make sure we educate the community and give them the knowledge to understand the cannabis plant and the benefits they can derive from it,” Harrington said. business insider.

Similarly, Raekwon from Wu Tang Clan We are also preparing to open a Hashtoria Cannabis Lounge in Newark, NJ. “Getting excited!!! @hashstore Coming to Brick City!!!!! This is going to be the best consumption lounge to hit the East Coast. Long live the mighty green! Be strong, be smart, be the best version of you!!! # new jersey #cannabis #hash store‘ Raekwon recently wrote on Instagram.

Recently, CRC Public comment period make that argument draft rules This includes restrictions on the sale of food on premises, but outside food delivery or pick-up is permitted, and tobacco and alcohol sales are prohibited on premises.

In late February, the New Jersey Attorney General released updated drug testing policies for law enforcement. Under the new amendments, law enforcement officers will only undergo drug tests if they appear intoxicated at work. “The agency has a reasonable suspicion to believe that law enforcement officers are involved in the illegal use of controlled hazardous substances or are under the influence of controlled hazardous substances, including uncontrolled marijuana and cannabis. A drug test must be performed if there is a working hour.”

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