UN Issues ‘Warning’ to U.S. Over Adult-Use State Laws, Suggesting Repeal

UN Issues ‘Warning’ to U.S. Over Adult-Use State Laws, Suggesting Repeal

The United Nations (UN) drug watchdog press release On March 9, he said the U.S. adult cannabis laws were inconsistent with the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. Roots of Reefer Madness) and the “dwarfing” of cannabis harm to young people is a major source of concern.

The UN’s International Drug Control Board (INCB) said it was a “warning” in it Annual Report 2022 The wave of adult-use initiatives in US states “violates the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961” and sends the wrong message to young people.

“Based on estimated data, the most worrying impact of cannabis legalization is the potential for increased use, especially among young people,” INCB wrote. “In the United States, federal states where cannabis is legal have shown that adolescents and young adults consume significantly more cannabis than other states where recreational use remains illegal. I have.”

united nations Single Convention on Narcotics, 1961 It states that UN member states must implement the treaty’s provisions within their own territories. US state law doesn’t seem to be given much weight. The treaty states that “the internal distribution of power between different levels of the state cannot be invoked as a justification for non-compliance with the treaty.”

INCB continued: New products such as food and e-cigarette products sold in attractive packaging are reinforcing this trend. INCB found that this contributed to lessening the impact of cannabis use in the public eye, especially among young people. ”

“The expanding cannabis industry is marketing cannabis-related products to appeal to young people. is,” said INCB President Jagjit Pavadiah.

Pavadia continued, “There is evidence that cannabis legalization has not been successful in deterring young people from cannabis use and that the illicit market continues.”

Legalization of cannabis for adult use, not the candy-flavored Adderall sometimes used 6 year old— This is cause for concern by the United Nations in the United States, and edibles and vape pens containing candy and cereal flavors have also alerted INCB.

Ironically, the 1961 single competition can be traced back to the Reefer Madness era in the United States and should not be used as a real metric, according to NORML.

“Advocates of cannabis policy reform have been quickly plagued by the United Nations’ extreme anti-cannabis advocacy and propaganda since the 1970s. Harry J. Anslingerin his final act as a lifelong anti-cannabis enthusiast and federal drug czar for more than 30 years, he committed President John F. Single Convention Convention of 1961,” I have written Former NORML Executive President, Allen St. Pierre.

Instead of legalizing adult use, the US should instead decriminalize and decriminalize cannabis, the report says.

According to INCB, the United Nations offers ample leniency.

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