New Poll Shows Two-Thirds of Americans Support Legalizing Weed

New Poll Shows Two-Thirds of Americans Support Legalizing Weed

More than two-thirds of Americans are in favor of legalizing small amounts of cannabis for personal use, according to poll results released Monday. It also showed broad support for a recent executive order that pardoned federal convictions for low-level marijuana possession, finding that most Americans believe cannabis is safer than alcohol. .

“Polls from a variety of sources show support for marijuana legalization has increased consistently over the past two decades.” Patrick Murray saidDirector of the Independent Monmouth University Poll Research Institute.

The poll found that, overall, 68% of respondents support legalizing small amounts of marijuana for personal use. Cannabis legalization was supported by 76% of Democrats, 73% of independent voters and 52% of Republicans. Young people showed the strongest support for legalizing marijuana, with 87% of those under 35 and a majority (53%) of those over 55 supporting legalization.

Two-thirds support Biden pardon

The Monmouth poll also showed strong support for Biden’s Oct. 6 announcement that he would pardon federal convictions for simple marijuana possession, with 69% of all respondents supporting the president’s move. I am answering

“Biden’s actions are in line with how the majority of Americans feel about the issue,” Murray said.

But most were unsure of the extent of the amnesty. Analysis by of new york times It determined that approximately 6,500 people convicted of marijuana possession under federal law, and thousands more in the District of Columbia, would be affected by the amnesty. A quarter (25%) thought the number of convictions he had pardoned was less than 1,000, while a fifth (21%) thought the total was more than 10,000. I thought there was A quarter (26%) said the number was actually between 1,000 and 10,000 convictions, while 29% rejected the estimate.

More than half of Americans (54%) said legalizing marijuana would not affect the number of other drug-related crimes. A quarter (25%) said they believed legalizing marijuana would increase the number of other drug crimes, and 16% said other drug crimes would decrease as a result of cannabis legalization .

Majority believes alcohol is more dangerous than weed

Most respondents (54%) said they thought alcohol was more dangerous than weed, but only 7% said marijuana was more dangerous, and 38% said they thought the two considered the substances to be equally dangerous. Several respondents (45%) thought marijuana was safer than tobacco. Only 13% said marijuana was more dangerous than tobacco, and 38% said it was just as dangerous.

More than half of American adults (54%) say they have tried marijuana, including 54% of Democrats, 51% of Republicans and 56% of independents. Those who have tried marijuana are more supportive of legalization, with 87% of those with personal experience of the plant supporting legalization, and less than half of those who have never tried marijuana (47%). %) supported the legalization of small amounts of cannabis.

Brian Vicente, founding partner of cannabis and hallucinogen law firm Vicente Cederberg LLP, said strong support for marijuana legalization revealed in new polls will be reflected in next month’s midterm elections. I think it is highly possible. use cannabis

“This poll marks a milestone in cannabis policy, with 68% of Americans supporting legalization. ,” Vicente wrote in an email. high times.

“This study, combined with the overwhelmingly positive response to President Biden’s recent actions to pardon marijuana convictions, creates the most vibrant environment for cannabis reform our country has seen in the last decade. We are creating,” he added. “This climate could contribute to another four or five states legalizing cannabis on Nov. 8. All of these factors have given his D.C. cannabis reformer a boost this year. There is a good chance that there will be a federal reform.”

The Monmouth University poll was conducted over the phone from October 13-17, 2022 among 808 adults in the United States. The results have an error of +/- 5.2 percentage points across samples.

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