New York City Police Crack Down on Weed Trucks in Times Square

New York City Police Crack Down on Weed Trucks in Times Square

Police came across more than a dozen weeding trucks in the Times Square area of ​​New York City on Tuesday. But some locals say there are more serious crimes the police should be looking at.

It’s a backlash against what locals call “open-air drug markets” caused by trucks selling unlicensed cannabis. None of the trucks have driving permits as licenses have not yet become available, but retail licenses will be available within a week of him on August 25th.

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) is fed up with the torrent of illegal cannabis trucks that are easily spotted on the streets of New York City. Many locals agree.

new york daily news report One of the most prolific truck chains, Weed World, which primarily sold food, was forced to pay parking fines of more than $200,000 and lost about a dozen of the chain’s vehicles. A truck was pulled off the road.

“If you’re trying to buy illegal cannabis from the Weed World Bus on 5th Avenue and 40th Avenue, it’s no longer in business,” NYPD Patrol Chief Jeffrey Madley tweeted about the seizure. We are not planning to open for business anytime soon!”

Times Square Alliance president Tom Harris said about six lawn mowers parked in the immediate vicinity of Times Square each day. It was something.

Weed World announced on August 15 that it had paid $200,000 out of a $500,000 parking fine and worked out an installment plan with the city’s finance department.Last June, law enforcement agencies Towed 12 Weed World trucks refused to release the truck until the fine was paid. Weed World also operates a brick-and-mortar store nearby, just above his 7th Avenue, and plans to obtain a permit when it becomes available, after garnering the attention of New York’s Cannabis Control Board.

In its latest sweep, the NYPD posted footage of 19 vehicles seized from the street on suspicion of selling cannabis products without a permit.

NYPD and other officials aren’t just chasing weeders.government official recently hit A cease and desist order has been filed against 17 over-the-counter cannabis businesses (and trucks) suspected of selling cannabis without a license, including Weed World on Seventh Avenue. The chairman of New York’s Cannabis Control Board said in a statement.

new york official Start accepting retail cannabis licenses On August 25, the Cannabis Control Agency announced. License applications will be accepted for one month after the online portal opens.

big fish to fry

To be fair, cannabis isn’t the only problem in Times Square. last year, Police close ’24-hour open-air bazaar’ selling crack cocaineThe business ran for two years without anyone turning a blind eye. In that case, the crew worked “round-the-clock shifts” at his 43rd Street and his 8th Avenue, according to the NYPD and federal officials.

The operation is open 24/7 and started in December 2019. This is probably one of the few places in America where you could get away with that long.the police called “Operation Ghostbuster”.

The city is also making efforts Safe injection site supervised by personnel. of new york times On the site’s first day of operation, the crew reported being able to reverse two overdoses.

Meanwhile, the mayor of New York City told New Yorkers to “light up.” That is, until licensing begins and the market matures.

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