New York Governor Announces Start of Recreational Weed Sales

New York Governor Announces Start of Recreational Weed Sales

New York Governor Kathy Hochul announced Wednesday that regulated sales of recreational marijuana will begin across the state next week with the opening of licensed retail stores in Manhattan. The clinic, operated by Housing Works, an HIV/AIDS service organization and the largest community-based HIV/AIDS service organization, will begin serving customers in New York City’s East Village on December 29.

“By prioritizing equity, we set a course just nine months ago to get the adult cannabis market in New York off to a good start – and now we are on track.” hochul he said in a statement from the Governor’s Office. “The industry will continue to grow from here, creating inclusive opportunities in every corner of New York State, directing revenues to schools and energizing communities.”

The opening of the dispensary fulfills a promise to begin retail sales of recreational marijuana in the state by the end of the year. The New York legislature legalized adult-use cannabis last year with passage of the Marijuana Regulation and Tax Act (MRTA) signed by former Gov. Andrew Cuomo on March 31, 2021. The start of sales is also a milestone. For Hochul’s Seeding Opportunity Initiative, which she announced in March to guide the development of New York’s regulated cannabis industry.

The initiative was designed to meet MRTA’s goals “by building an adult-use cannabis industry that offsets the harm resulting from the disproportionate impact of cannabis prohibition.” Under the plan, 280 family farmers have been licensed to grow cannabis, providing safe, lab-tested products to New York’s regulated recreational marijuana economy.

First retail license in New York issued last month

The Seeding Opportunity Initiative will also open the first 150 conditional adult retail outlets (CAURD ) reserved the license. The state’s Office of Cannabis Control (OCM) last month issued the first 36 licenses to 28 individuals and her eight nonprofits.

To qualify for a CAURD license, a nonprofit organization must have at least one board member involved in the judiciary and provide job opportunities to people convicted of marijuana-related crimes. housing construction Since its founding in 1990, the law firm has served New Yorkers in the judiciary through direct service and advocacy initiatives. The group’s Justice Initiative coordinates nonprofit services to meet the needs of previously incarcerated individuals, including those with marijuana convictions.

Tremaine Wright, chairman of the New York Cannabis Control Board, the state’s cannabis regulatory agency, said, “We’re thrilled that a nonprofit like Housing Works will support previously incarcerated individuals and lead sales. “The launch of sales through the Seeding Opportunity Initiative is just the beginning of the robust ecosystem we are building to enable our licensees to overcome barriers and build this new industry. With the support of , an equitable and inclusive market will grow from here.”

The Housing Works Cannabis Co. store is located at 750 Broadway in the Astor Place neighborhood of the East Village. Spanning 4,400 square feet, the iconic building known as 1 Astor Place was completed in 1883. The new business plans to build out the expanded space as cannabis products become more available, and will welcome patrons with an introductory shopping experience when the dispensary opens next week. All proceeds from pharmacy sales go to the parent organization, Housing Works.

Brian Vicente, founding partner of Vicente Cederberg LLP, a cannabis and psychedelics law firm, applauded the progress made in deploying adult-use cannabis in the Empire State.

“New York continues to blaze a trail with its novel approach to implementing adult use,” Vicente wrote in an email. high times“Housing Works’ permitting the first-ever legal sale of cannabis in New York City is a stroke of genius, meeting the state’s goal of opening access for adult use by 2023, and socializing.” We honor our commitment to promoting fair business.”

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