New York’s First Woman-Owned Dispensary Opens Tomorrow

New York’s First Woman-Owned Dispensary Opens Tomorrow

The dispensary, called “Good Grades,” is also the first legal cannabis store in Queens, New York City.

“With the opening of Good Grades in Queens, we continue our progress toward creating a safe and regulated cannabis industry in New York,” said New York Governor Cathy Hochul. said in a press release on Monday“New York is working to support entrepreneurs and enable consumers to buy safe and legal products while supporting their communities.”

Ho Chul, the state’s first female governor, oversaw the launch of the state’s regulated cannabis market. Her predecessor, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, signed a bill to legalize recreational marijuana in 2021.

The state officially launched a new marijuana market late last year with the opening of a dispensary in Manhattan’s East Village neighborhood.

Good Grades opened this week as a “pop-up” store, and the business is backed by the New York State Social Equity Cannabis Investment Fund, which was part of Hochul’s 2022-23 budget, according to the governor’s press release. increase.

The foundation is “a limited public-private partnership formed to position social equity entrepreneurs to succeed in New York’s newly created adult cannabis industry.” According to Hochul’s office, It also states, “The state will invest private money to finance the leases and equipment of up to 150 conditional adult retail stores in New York State operated by individuals affected by unfair enforcement of marijuana laws. I allow you to.”

The Governor’s Office said that, like other fund-backed clinics, Goodgrade will open as a pop-up to “track sales quickly, provide training opportunities for employees, and begin generating capital. We will provide an opportunity to open in a short period of time.” their business. ”

According to a press release this week, “It will then close for final construction and then reopen for the long term.

“We are thrilled to open the doors of Good Grade, our first clinic in Queens, NY,” said Good Grade owner Ecstasy James.

“We are committed to providing greater access to cannabis and breaking down the barriers that prevent so many people, especially those in marginalized communities, from experiencing the benefits of this amazing plant. We understand first hand the stigma that has been attached to cannabis for far too long and want to join the thriving cannabis community to help change it. Our pharmacy is a welcoming and inclusive space where everyone can learn, explore and find the best products for their unique needs.”

New York City opened its third legal pharmacy last month. This should not be confused with the illegal cannabis retailer that in the last two years he has covered all five boroughs.

Last month, the first pharmacy outside NYC was also opened to customers.

Earlier this month, the state announced it would double the number of licenses for cannabis retailers, awarding 300 from the originally planned 150.

“This expansion will allow more entrepreneurs to join the first wave of this industry and take advantage of the growing demand for cannabis products,” said Tremaine, chairman of the New York Cannabis Control Board. Wright said. “As more companies enter this market, innovation and competition will increase, leading to a higher quality experience for consumers. It will be profitable.”

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