Normalization of Cannabis Shows Shift in Holiday Sales Patterns

Normalization of Cannabis Shows Shift in Holiday Sales Patterns

New Frontier Data compared cannabis sales data for November 2021 and 2022. This indicates a change in sales the meantime green wednesday is the third highest total sales in 2021, with sales collected in 2022 on Friday, November 4th. Friday, November 11th. Sunday, November 18 was roughly equivalent to November 23 (Green Wednesday this year) and November 25 (Black Friday). New Frontier Data consulted many of the leading experts to analyze the reasons behind this change.

According to Noah Tomales, senior research analyst at New Frontier Data, Michigan’s cannabis industry is developing rapidly compared to mature markets such as California. “Perhaps he said the most notable difference in November was that Michigan’s product breakdown was about the same throughout his month. I was born.” tomales said“It’s amazing how stable Michigan is in 2022 compared to 2021, and how California looks.”

Tomares also added that we are starting to see changes in purchasing behavior. “In California, a relatively mature market, purchases have been fairly consistent in terms of product breakdown year-over-year. I was drawn to In 2021, these products surged from his 37% of trades during the first week of November to his 43% during the week of Thanksgiving. This year, the month seemed more normalized, with cartridges and edibles making up about 40% or more of sales each week in November. ”

Dr. Amanda Reiman, chief knowledge officer at New Frontier Data, suggests that cannabis normalization is likely the reason sales aren’t peaking on previously predictable days. “I think normalization and increased access nationwide are driving the change in holiday shopping,” she said. Lyman said“Not only are people more comfortable using regular products with more people in more places, but cannabis is available in more states, so if you can get it wherever you are, it’s a good idea before you go.” There’s not much need to stock up on when we headed. Many people would rather wait and buy cannabis at their destination than bring it on the plane.”

Another factor to consider is the amount of time consumers spend with family and friends before and after Thanksgiving. New Frontier Data says 44% of his consumers source cannabis from friends and family, with 29% as their primary source of access. In some medical-only states, or states that do not yet have marijuana laws, families are the main source of cannabis.

According to previous data, 68% of people consume with others, 21% with siblings, 19% with large families, 11% with parents, 6% with children. To do. Additionally, 85% of consumers say their family members are aware of cannabis use, and 59% say their family members support their use of cannabis.

Thanksgiving-related consumption is also a common practice, with 40% spending time with family and spouse during consumption, 38% reporting combining cannabis with meals, and 33% using cannabis for cooking. reporting.

Overall, Tomales believes these activities will continue to become more normalized in the years to come. “As the market continues to mature and new markets come online, we expect consumer tastes to become more normalized and cannabis acquisition to become more integrated into consumers’ daily lives.” tomales said“Already, 48% of consumers report that they simply go to the pharmacy after running out of medication rather than planning a dedicated trip. consumers may feel pressure to purchase cannabis in advance of travel or social events. .”

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