Now You Can Find Award-Winning West Coast Strains in Massachusetts

Now You Can Find Award-Winning West Coast Strains in Massachusetts

Looking for Runtz in Beantown? Look no further. air wellnessannounced a new partnership with Lost in Translation (LIT for short), a leader in vertically integrated, multi-state cannabis operators and flower brand, with traditional seed breeders and pheno hunters. Through Tahoe, we announced that we are bringing the finest West Coast genetics to the Massachusetts market. Hydroponics. Acquired by Air Wellness in June 2021, Jack Herer, his six-time winner of his cup, boasts famous varieties such as Sunday Driver and Gelato 45. Tahoe Hydro It is led by co-founder and CEO Ray Schiavone.

According to Schiavone, working indoors is “growing. [with] Top notch … hydroponic equipment, Athena nutrients and the latest and greatest lighting. Running unreleased new strains such as Red Velvet Runtz, Miami Vice and Watermelon Sugar alongside proven and true flagships such as WAP (Cheetah Piss cross), he continues: I’m here. in our menu. “

Bubble Bath / Provided by: LIT

Air: the price is right

Mid-range priced flowers 1/8 and 1/4 are now at two larger Boston Air Wellness Dispensaries, newly opened in Watertown (adult and medical) and Back Bay (adult only) locations, and in selected strains at wholesale. When asked about the lower-than-usual price range for typical indoor-grown products, Schiavone said:

Multilateral Operators (MSOs) have historically been good at offering decent if not high quality products at reasonable prices. This is a typical result of master planning and appropriate financial support. Paying some attention to plants, the environment, and the people who care for them is usually an afterthought, but as Ayr Founder, Chairman and CEO, Jonathan Sandelman said: increase. We employ the best ingredients – facilities, people and genetics – to grow superior cannabis at scale throughout our organization. “

When asked why he felt strongly about working with an MSO like Ayr, Schiavone explains:

WAP/LIT provided

flowers for people

Ayr and LIT’s commitment to their customers and team is evident in their conversations with Schiavone that strain selection is based on consumer demand and feedback. He also mentions how excited he is to work with the people of Massachusetts and Gash.anywhere [gone] We were warmly welcomed and everyone is excited to experience the West Coast brand of flowers. It’s horrifying to see so many people enjoying wearing our hats and clothes. “

he continues. [it] …just like your own child. I take great pride in making sure that all of my clothing, flowers, and derivative products are of the highest quality and are meant to build lasting relationships with anyone I come into contact with.

The future looks bright for the brand family, with expansion plans to include a phenohunting passion project from Schiavone. Beyond decades of growing experience and a smile, what else does he want to bring to Massachusetts? Do you? Major growers say the East Coast needs good purp. “I think what the Massachusetts market needs is lemon he is terpene laden high quality purple flowers. We look forward to implementing it.”

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