Officer Shoots and Kills Tethered Dog in Weed Farm Raid Gone Wrong

Officer Shoots and Kills Tethered Dog in Weed Farm Raid Gone Wrong

The Emerald Triangle cannabis plantation raid exacerbated the situation, killing a dog and leaving people wondering.

los angeles times report Given that the farm was licensed at the state level and was in the process of being approved at the county level, anger is mounting as more details emerge about the incident. Amid mounting anger, some locals are calling for the resignation of Trinity County Sheriff Tim Saxon.

a 36 second video clip This photo shows California firefighters shooting and killing a dog in an attempt to control the chaotic situation. This video was uploaded by Kim Kemp, who regularly reports on the Emerald Triangle. “Don’t touch the dog, he just got pepper sprayed,” the police officer says in the video. Keep in mind that an unlicensed commercial cannabis business in the county is a $500 misdemeanor.

On May 1-2, 2023, Trinity County Sheriff’s Office police obtained search warrants in the Hayfork and Trinity Pines areas. Investigators from the North State Serious Crimes Investigation Team, the California Fire Department, the Trinity County Department of Environmental Health, and the Trinity County District Attorney’s Office of Victim Advocacy assisted in the operation.

sci-fi gate report Pot farmer Nia Pao Yang is not a native English speaker. But when the officers shouted orders in English, the man raised his hands and walked towards them. One of the dogs at the scene approached one of the officers, who shot the dog dead.

A police report claimed the dogs used the word “aggressive” three times and were trained to attack.

“While executing a search warrant on Ms. Nia Yang’s property, investigators encountered Ms. Yang who had five aggressive dogs on her property,” a press release posted on Facebook said. ing. “Nia Yang disobeyed the investigator and stood near the aggressive dog, trying to keep the investigator away from him. One of the dogs tried to attack investigators, but the investigator defended himself by firing a shot at the dog, and the injured dog was taken to a local veterinary hospital, where it died. Nia Yang of Hayfork, Calif. was arrested on charges of illegal marijuana cultivation, possession of marijuana for sale, and resisting arrest.”

Saxon said the dog was killed by an employee of the California Fire Department, which is investigating the matter.

Yang was later charged with illegal possession of cannabis, lack of dog license, rabies vaccination, illegal animal tethering, permitting dogs to attack or injure people, and resisting arrest. .

Dual License Confusion in California

Yang’s family had a state license for a small family farm and was in the process of obtaining a license from Trinity County, according to Cannabis Control Commission (DCC) records.

Proposition 64 created a dual licensing system that requires farms to obtain both state and local approvals to grow commercial cannabis. los angeles times Thousands of farms in Trinity County are reportedly still unlicensed. Because it didn’t include an environmental review, 2021 license applicants had to start over as locals convinced a judge to overturn the county’s cannabis licensing system.

The DCC then issued a letter reassured the farms that no action would be taken against those disenfranchised locally as a result of the ruling.

The sheriff’s office also acknowledged that the dual licensing system is currently not working.

“What I want is consistent policy across the state,” said Trinity County Sheriff Tim Saxon. los angeles times. He said the dual licensing system “puts many sheriffs in an uncomfortable situation, myself included.”

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