Ohio Law Enforcement Is Suing Afroman for Use of Security Footage Online

Ohio Law Enforcement Is Suing Afroman for Use of Security Footage Online

In September 2022, Afroman’s home in Ohio was raided by local law enforcement. While Afroman was away from home, his security camera system recorded him scouring his clothes and other belongings for drugs and other illegal paraphernalia. Afroman posted videos of these law enforcement officers on his social media channels with comments making fun of the raids. He called “lemon pound cake” and “Can you help me fix the door

Seven Adams County Sheriff’s Department officers are now suing him for using the footage without his consent. According to the lawsuit, publishing a person’s face without their consent misdemeanor under ohio revision codePolice officers have also accused their faces of being exposed and causing “mental distress, embarrassment, ridicule, reputational damage and humiliation”.

Plaintiff claims he is entitled to receive Afroman’s earnings from songs, music videos, and tickets to live events, in addition to his brands offering beer, cannabis, t-shirts, and more. , they have asked Afroman to remove all videos and photos featuring them online.

Afroman posted his response to the lawsuit on all of his social media channels. “Essentially, a racist judge signed a fictitious false warrant, lied to the warrant, and accused me of kidnapping and drug trafficking.” Afroman wrote“The warrant put the Sheriff of Adams County in a position to try to kill me. After the Sheriff of Adams County. ‘s money.They became criminals after they stole my money.They lost their right to privacy after they became criminals.”

Afroman’s attorney, Anna Castellini, also released a statement regarding the next move. She said, “I am awaiting a request for public records from Adam’s County, but have not yet received it.” Castellini said“We plan to file counterclaims for illegal raids, theft of money, and the undeniable damage this has done to my client’s family, career, and property.”

Law enforcement obtained a warrant to search Afroman’s home in August 2022, and it was believed they could find drugs and drug-related paraphernalia. The only items allegedly seized were a vape pen, several cockroaches, and thousands of dollars in cash. Ultimately, they found no evidence of drugs or paraphernalia, and no charges were filed.

Law enforcement officers claimed they were the target of ridicule from Afroman fans, which made it “more dangerous” for them to continue, and that “anonymous members of the public who saw some of the defendants’ above – claiming to have received death threats from. The lawsuit alleges that “defendant’s conduct was willful, capricious, and malicious, and was carried out in conscious or reckless disregard of plaintiff’s rights.”

In Afroman’s latest post TikTok on March 24he pointed out that Adams County was home to a meth lab, but chose to raid his house instead.

In December 2022, Afroman announced that he would run for president in 2024. “The time is now. Americans are suffering and the status quo is no longer acceptable. Inflation is out of control. The economy is in turmoil. The housing market is staggering. Politicians are corrupt. I Among our noble and brave officers, bad apples are allowed to stay in law enforcement.”

The self-proclaimed “Cannabis Supreme Commander” and “Head of the Pot Nation” claims to work on cannabis reform and criminal justice reform, among other top priorities.

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