Olympian Joseph Schooling Apologizes for Smoking Weed Amid Backlash

Olympian Joseph Schooling Apologizes for Smoking Weed Amid Backlash

Olympic gold medalist and competitive swimmer Joseph Schooling, 27, has apologized after facing backlash from his native Singapore for smoking marijuana while in Vietnam.Singapore’s drug laws the toughest in the worldand the stigma there is strong.

Her schooling is located in Hanoi, Vietnam and she won two gold medals during her military leave at the 2022 Hanoi Southeast Asia (SEA) Games.

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and the Singapore Ministry of Defence are scratching their heads when they learn from the country’s Central Narcotics Department that Schooling is using cannabis. Singapore’s Ministry of Defense issued a statement on August 30. press releaseannounced that Schooling will be drug tested for the next six months.

“The Central Narcotics Administration has completed its investigation into PTE Joseph Schooling and has handed over control of the case to the SAF as he is a full-time national soldier,” the release reads. “A controlled substance urine test performed on PTE’s Joseph Schooling was negative. I confessed that I took cannabis abroad for training and participation in the competition.

“Following existing protocols, PTE Schooling will be placed in a supervised urinalysis regime for six months. All SAF personnel who test positive during this administration will be prosecuted and sentenced accordingly. “

lancaster online report The schooling posted an apology on Instagram, which has since been deleted.

In a message, Schooling said, “After going through a very tough time in my life, I succumbed to a moment of weakness.” Posted on Instagram Tuesday night“I am sorry that my actions have hurt everyone around me, especially my family and young fans who look up to me.”

“I made a mistake and I take responsibility for what I did.

Yahoo!news Editor Chia Han Keong I have written editorial, Schooling says that a crime as small as cannabis deserves sympathy, not backlash. Meanwhile, the entire school’s reputation is at stake.

Schooling vs. Phelps

in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Schooling beat Michael PhelpsOlympians with the most medals in history— in the 100 meter butterfly. Schooling described Phelps as his “idol” and was obsessed with beating him in his own matches.

Schooling was sent to the Olympics while studying at the University of Texas in Austin. At the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, he was eliminated while trying to defend his title in the 100m butterfly.

Ironically, Phelps himself forced to apologize In the United States, a photo of Phelps banging a bonbon surfaced when a British tabloid caught him smoking weed, and it quickly went viral in 2008.

‘I behaved youthfully and inappropriately’, says Phelps Said in a statement. Like Schooling, Phelps probably had no choice but to publicly express remorse for smoking weed.

“I acted in a way that showed regret and bad judgment.” We acted in a way,” Phelps said. “I am very sorry for this. I promise my fans and the public that it will never happen again.”

Despite smoking weed in his youth, Phelps is one of them if not of Fastest swimmer alive. fastest runner aliveOlympic athlete Usain Bolt Prominent supporter of the cannabis business.

That said, it’s probably not fair to associate cannabis with slowing down the body. But in the professional world of sports, it’s a whole different story.

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