Optilux LED Grow Light: The most powerful light in the world?

Optilux LED Grow Light: The most powerful light in the world?

I recently had the opportunity to complete a cannabis grow test using the URSA Optilux, a professional LED grow light. As a small grower, I’ve never had a unit this powerful before. When I opened the box, it was daunting to see this truly unique look light up. Can I grow up with this beast? why was i so worried Under this center of growth light produces her PPFD rating of 1370 µmol/m2/s. As far as I can tell, this is the most powerful grow light of any size currently available and I had to grow under this bad boy without evaporating the plant.

true wide spectrum light

Optilux is more than just power. It also produces visible and transparent light while providing cannabis plants with a broad spectrum of light from 359 nm to about 950 nm. I believe this is also the broadest spectrum available for an LED grow light. The white light emitted by the LED makes plant care easier. Plants don’t change color so you can see exactly what’s going on without having to turn off your grow lights.

Looking down at the open box, my fear turns to amazement as the shiny glass lenses that cover the face of the Optilux illuminate and refract light in all directions. is a stainless steel that provides a perfect reflective surface.

quality product

Immediately you can tell that this LED grow light has a very high build quality with a heavy steel case, stainless steel face and real glass lens. The main hanging bracket that comes with the light is also heavy steel and should be secured to the hanging support with at least two heavy duty hangers.

The lights in my 5×5 glow tent were too heavy to leave safely. I ended up cutting two pieces of wood that I used as supports under the tent poles that held the light units. It provided enough support to safely hang the light in my tent.

full growth coverage

The 16 glass lenses on the front of the Optilux are specially positioned to evenly distribute the higher intensity light generated at the center of the light. The lens in the center of the unit is 120 degrees and the outer lens is 60 degrees, and you can see the difference in size by examining the face of the grow light. This lens mixture produces a perfect 6X6 plant footprint or 4X4 flower footprint. Why use heavy glass optics instead of lighter plastic optics? It’s simple. Plastic cannot increase light intensity like glass. Glass optics also act like a magnifying glass, increasing light intensity.

Even using optics that spread the light around the Optilux creates a hot spot below the center of the light. The power is so strong that you will want to hang this light 5-6 feet above your plants and let them grow towards the light.

The power behind Optilux

URSA has developed a highly specialized 3 Pad Cob for the Optilix. These LED pads can produce full spectrum light from UV to IR instead of using different colored LEDs to get the same result like other manufacturers. The ability of all 16 LED groups to produce light in the same spectrum is more efficient and thus provides more usable light to the cannabis plants.The power of the LEDs is only 40 W each for optimal performance and a long service life of over 50,000 hours.

The LEDs are driven by two 90-3015 volt drivers built into the top heat sync of the grow light. The two drivers draw 640W from the wall while driving LEDs to produce a maximum PAR of 1370.

This grow light works on the hot side, but the unit itself does not require a fan. The LEDs generate about 2200 BTU of heat, so you’ll need a fan to keep the tent well ventilated and the air flowing through the canopy.

The Glow

I’m going to be at the front here. I had some issues early on with this grow light. With a recommended starting distance of just 36 inches from the URSA, we evaporate our first set of plants. I vaporized a second set of plants before I realized the unit needed to be at least 5-6 feet above.

Once I was able to raise that light just five feet above the plants, the magic began to happen. I have experienced a very fast vegetation stage where plants grow in as little as 6 weeks. Flowering was 8 weeks. The plants were happy and produced 3 pounds of cannabis per plant suitable for strain.

Airflow is key when growing with this powerful LED grow light. Make sure there is airflow across the canopy. Otherwise, you may run into problems.


The Optilux grow light is a professional grade unit with an amazing 3 year warranty to back up your build quality. This light will run for over 50,000 hours so it can reward you with big, healthy cannabis plants for years to come. In addition to long-term savings in and replacement costs, it offers excellent plant growth potential, making it a worthwhile investment. My feeling is that you should always buy the best possible LED grow lights that can stretch your budget.

URSA has developed an extremely powerful and feature rich grow light for the professional or advanced grower. Also remember that you will need at least 5 feet of significant headroom above your plants as it may not be possible to grow with this light inside a tent depending on your height. please

After just a few plants grow under Optilux, you’ll find your cannabis plants love the light spectrum this unit offers.

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