Oregon Awards License for First Psilocybin Service Center

Oregon Awards License for First Psilocybin Service Center

Oregon regulators announced last week that they had received the state’s first license for a psilocybin service center.

The Oregon Psilocybin Service, a division of the Oregon Department of Health, announced Friday that it has issued a license to EPIC Healing Eugene.

“We would like to congratulate Kathy Jonas of EPIC Healing Eugene on becoming the first licensed service center in the state.” Said Angie Albee, Oregon Psilocybin Service (OPS) Section Manager. “This is a historic moment as psilocybin services will soon be available in Oregon. We appreciate our clients’ strong commitment to safety and access as we prepare to open the doors of our service centers.”

In a statement from Jonas himself, Jonas said: nurturing space Quoted from local news station KGW.

50% of Oregon voters approved Bill 109 in 2020. This made Oregon the first state in the country to legalize psilocybin, although 44% of voters opposed the proposal.

Friday’s announcement, The Oregon Department of Health has explained exactly how the new program will work and how individuals will receive such treatment.

“The statewide model allows clients over the age of 21 to access psilocybin services. No prescription or referral from a healthcare provider is required, but clients must first complete a preparatory session with a licensed facilitator. If you meet the criteria to move forward, you can attend a management session at an authorized service center where you can consume psilocybin products in the presence of a trained and authorized facilitator. Clients may choose to participate in an optional integrated session, which provides the opportunity to connect with community resources and peer support networks for additional support.Once a license is obtained, the Service Center will , may hire and/or contract trained, licensed facilitators to provide preparation, management, and integration sessions for clients Service centers are manufactured by licensed manufacturers and licensed To date, OPS has issued 3 manufacturer licenses, 1 laboratory license, 5 facilitator licenses and 84 worker permits.OPS plans to issue more licenses and work permits in the coming months.”

Late last year, the Oregon Department of Health approved the final rules and regulations for psilocybin service centers.

“[Oregon Psilocybin Services] We received more than 200 written comments and six hours of comments shared during the public comment period in November 2022,” wrote Andre Ours, administrator of the Center for Health Protection and Allbee. increase.

“These comments helped us further refine and improve the rules currently in final adoption. We will evaluate and improve.”

In April, the Oregon Department of Health issued the state’s first laboratory license to test psilocybin products to Rose City Laboratories, LLC.

“I would like to congratulate Rose City Laboratories, LLC for being the first licensed laboratory to test psilocybin products from a licensed manufacturer,” Allbee said at the time. With product safety assured and accurate labeling of psilocybin potency, clients can attend management sessions with products that meet their needs.”

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