Pennsylvania Lawmakers Will Introduce Bill Allowing Farmers To Grow Medical Pot

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Will Introduce Bill Allowing Farmers To Grow Medical Pot

Two Pennsylvania legislators want to create new opportunities for farmers in the state to grow medical marijuana.

Rep. Melissa L. Schusterman and Rep. Ismail Smith Wade El, both Democrats, detailed plans to introduce legislation “allowing Pennsylvania farmers to grow medical marijuana.” I submitted the memo to a colleague. Local news station WHTM reported.

“It is important that Pennsylvanians have easy access and fair access to the burgeoning medical cannabis industry. Farmers and small businesses are denied the liberty to share in the nearly $2 billion the industry has generated to date.The resulting unfair market conditions leave consumers with proven recognition more affordable medicines will not be available,” Schusterman and Smith-Wade-El said. Note posted on Monday.

According to WHTM, their bill “allows for new permits that farmers and other small agricultural ventures can apply to grow medical cannabis and sell it to existing growers/processors on a limited basis. “Passing this law will open the door to new growers, including those from marginalized communities. ”

“The need to change this general imbalance is clear. establish a new permit for memo“By enabling small-scale farming, smallholder farmers will be able to bundle their crops and share new licenses, allowing them to be part of this huge economic benefit for Pennsylvania. The law opens the door for producers new to the industry, women producers and those from marginalized communities to join this thriving enterprise.”

“Join us in this effort to promote the economic well-being of smallholder farmers and the health of patients throughout Pennsylvania.” they said last.

Pennsylvania legalized medical cannabis treatment in 2016, passing a bill opening treatment to eligible patients in the state.

Last year, two Pennsylvania senators introduced a bill that would allow medical marijuana patients to grow cannabis plants at home.

Two senators, Democrat Sen. Sharif Street and Republican Rep. Dan Laughlin, told colleagues in a 2021 memo that their legislation would remedy “inefficiencies” in the state’s medical cannabis programs.

“Since Act 16 was passed in 2016, Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana (MMJ) program has provided life-saving drugs to communities across the federal state. There are still inefficiencies around MMJ where we are,” the lawmakers said in a note. “A quarterly meeting of the Pennsylvania MMJ Advisory Board this year revealed significant gaps in accessibility. In addition, patients have also voiced financial concerns over rising healthcare costs and affordability. I have.”

“It’s important that policies respond where people are. Enabling medical marijuana patients to grow cannabis plants at home can help reduce the cost and accessibility burden of this important drug.” This law will go a long way in helping everyday Pennsylvanians meet their health needs and ensuring that everyone is treated fairly and fairly under Act 16,” they added. rice field.

The bill expired in the Diet last year.

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