People With First-Hand Experience More Likely to Perceive Pot Positively

People With First-Hand Experience More Likely to Perceive Pot Positively

Have you heard the old saying?The latest from Gallup polling data seems to support the concept, showing that 70% of American adults (who have actually tried it) believe its effects on users are positive.

These results were collected July 5-26 from Gallup’s annual consumption survey conducted in July.

The majority, or 70%, of Americans who have tried cannabis consider the effects of cannabis on users to be “very” or “somewhat positive,” and 66% believe that cannabis has had a positive impact on society. We consider impact to be “very” or “somewhat positive”.

On the other hand, however, the majority of people who have never tried cannabis consider the effects of cannabis to be negative, with 72% believing that its impact on society is “very” or “somewhat negative.” , 62% said the impact on users was either “very” or “somewhat negative”.

In other words, you might think that some people hate cannabis until they try it for themselves or see the plant’s miraculous healing powers with their own eyes.

“This survey data shows that personal experience with cannabis is a relatively surefire cure for ‘reefer madness,'” said NORML deputy director Paul Armentano. As people continue to become more familiar with marijuana for therapeutic purposes or for personal use, expect many of the more sensational yet dubious claims that once dominated the cannabis narrative to be regulated in the dustbin of history. I have.”

About half (48%) of Americans have tried cannabis, but only 16% said they currently smoke.

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Americans are evenly split on the impact pot has on society, with 49% believing it to be positive and 50% believing it to be negative. There was slightly more support for the pot’s impact on users, with 53% saying it was positive and 45% saying it was negative.

Armentano isn’t “particularly” surprised that American adults remain divided on cannabis.

“We’ve known for some time that there is a percentage of Americans who believe marijuana should be legalized and regulated,” says Armentano. high times“Because criminalizing it is a policy that isn’t working and comes at a very high price. And it’s because the overwhelming majority of Americans think marijuana should be legal.” I think this is reflected in the fact that Gallup discovered itself Beneficial.You may not necessarily love cannabis, but there are percentages of people who don’t. restrict more cannabis. ”

But Americans seem to recognize the harm of alcohol and view cannabis far more positively than alcohol. believe that alcohol has a negative impact on societyand 71% believe it is harmful to drinkers.

When Gallup began polling Americans about cannabis in 1969, only 4% said they thought it should be legal.Over the decades, that number has grown slowly but steadily, reflecting rapidly changing attitudes in the country. Investigationa record-high 68% of U.S. adults believe cannabis should be legal.

Witness the Benefits of Cannabis

Second to first-hand experience, the good thing is the power of social media and how it shows the world that cannabis is less harmful than alcohol and, above all, healing.

These types of videos can help convert cannabis reform or undecided opponents.

One example is the viral videos on social media demonstrating the healing powers of THC and CBD. Facebook user Pete Starostecki is an interstate cannabis refugee, viral video CBD oil stopped seizures in real time with his son. For example, British professional boxer Anthony Fowler posted a video How a dog had a seizure and how quickly CBD oil stopped his shivering.

The growing influence of cannabis in the media will help normalize hardworking, functional Americans who choose to consume cannabis responsibly. This is evidenced by the increasing numbers in successive Gallup polls.

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