Tiny Homes in Europe Created With Corrugated Hemp Sheets

Tiny Homes in Europe Created With Corrugated Hemp Sheets

A non-profit organization of social enterprises called common sense It is based in Ireland, along with a UK-based hemp farm called mergent farmare teaming up to build a tiny house made out of hemp.

Each building, called Tigín Tiny Homes, was created with three goals in mind:Sustainable, affordable and consciously designedA single house covers 20 square meters (approximately 215 square feet if you’re using US measurements) and offers high ceilings that give the home a “high and bright feel.” The bedroom is large enough for a king size bed on the mezzanine level, but there is a pull-out guest bed in the living space. Other necessities such as an oven, gas stove, sink, shower and even a composting toilet fit in a modest home. Underneath the house, the insulation is made of “breathable cork on a pine framework.”

Hemp works great as part of the exterior of your home. corrugated hemp sheets From Mergent Farms. “The fibers sequester and trap carbon and stop it from being released into the atmosphere, creating a very low-carbon product. Material: This sheet is bonded with a sugar-based resin made from agricultural waste.Our hemp sheet is a natural alternative to corrugated steel, PVC, bitumen and cement. website“The sheet can be used externally as a rain shelter, or internally as a ceiling or wall lining or other acoustic treatment. Colors lighten over time,” continues Mergent Farm.

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Mergent Farms also said the energy required to manufacture these sheets is 5.7 times less than that required to manufacture aluminum, 2.6 times less than bituminous plastic and 1.5 times less than galvanized steel. I’m here.

Above all, Common Knowledge offers training classes to teach people how to build and repair these homes to “empower people to take action on the housing and climate crises.” To do.

“Ultimately, our plan for the Tigín project is not just to build these Tiny Homes, but to teach over 200 people the skills to build these and other projects themselves, and use them for free. It’s about creating and publishing blueprints that can be done, says Fionn Kidney, founder of Common Knowledge.

Photo by Chantal Starik

according to Avonturatiny houses are currently on sale and cost between €55,000 and €60,000 (approximately the same in US dollars). and about 10% say they want to buy a home “to help their children escape the rent trap.”

“With so many people currently affected by the severe housing crisis, we believe Tiny House can provide a highly adaptable, fully mobile and affordable solution,” said Common Knowledge. increase. “We wanted to create something useful in terms of providing housing solutions to people who don’t have time to create their own housing solutions while also empowering others to do it themselves. ”

As the world continues to explore eco-building opportunities, hemp is seen as a leading material for sustainable construction. Hemp paper is very likely the future of printing and can even be used as cattle feed. airplane construction.

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