Poll Explores New Jersey Consumer Attitudes, Habits Year Into Market Launch

Poll Explores New Jersey Consumer Attitudes, Habits Year Into Market Launch

Stockton University is new vote On April 25, 2023, 660 New Jersey residents explore consumer attitudes and behavior as the market continues to shape. A Stockton University student texted her a mobile phone with an invitation to take the survey online. Opinion services added the dialing portion of field work to mobiles and landlines. Voting he took place from April 1 to 14, 2023.

Learn About Cannabis Consumers in New Jersey

The poll explored many issues surrounding cannabis, including typical consumer shopping habits, attitudes and behaviors in the first year of the cannabis market. About a third of adults in New Jersey have used cannabis or cannabis products since recreational cannabis was legalized, according to polls, and most users patronize legal cannabis dispensaries. says there is.

Among legal cannabis consumers, 47% said they used it for recreational purposes, and 39% said they used it for both medical and recreational purposes. Despite some boasting Domestic highest price69% of users purchased products from licensed cannabis dispensaries and 86% reported being satisfied or very satisfied with their experience.

Expanding on their widely reported satisfactory dispensing experience, 43% of consumers said they were grateful to know the product was safe, and 23% said they liked the quality. Only 7% of respondents acknowledged cannabis prices in New Jersey.

Looking at the cannabis landscape, a majority of respondents (53%) supported having a pharmacy selling recreational cannabis (39% opposed). When asked about the possibility of offering cannabis-infused restaurants, consumption lounges, and more to the hospitality industry in New Jersey, 48% agreed and 45% disagreed.

Although in the minority, the poll also surveyed the habits and attitudes of residents and consumers who have not yet embraced the legal market. no have yet to visit a legal pharmacy, the most commonly reported reason among respondents (30%) was the lack of a pharmacy nearby. Currently, there are 24 stores nationwide.

Other reasons include preference for products sold elsewhere (13%) and general cost (11%). Her 27% of respondents indicated “other reasons.” Additionally, 30% of respondents admitted to purchasing cannabis or cannabis products from an unlicensed private seller in the past year.

The poll also provides demographic insights on cannabis users in New Jersey. Men (37%) were more likely than women (28%) to have consumed cannabis, and those under the age of 50 were also more likely to have consumed cannabis in the past year. While 43% of 29-year-olds and 41% of 30- to 49-year-olds consumed cannabis, only 17% of older adults did the same, and half used cannabis strictly for medical purposes. I was.

Blacks (39%) had the highest rates of cannabis use, followed by whites (33%) and Hispanic/Latino respondents (29%), with different regions of the state and the presence of colleges and universities. Regardless, there was no difference in utilization. degree. Democrats (38%) were also more likely to consume cannabis than Republicans (24%) and independents (32%).

While it’s still early days and limited information is available after a year, the findings, along with the demand for cannabis in New Jersey, highlight some challenges for New Jersey’s legal cannabis industry so far. to Despite high prices and access to pharmacies remains a problem, consumers generally appear willing to travel and pay to access safe, high-quality products.

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