Poll: Majority of South Carolina Adults Support Medical, Recreational Cannabis

Poll: Majority of South Carolina Adults Support Medical, Recreational Cannabis

South Carolina adults seem to support legal medical cannabis, and a majority also support recreational use, according to a new poll.

of pollwhich included interviews with 1,657 South Carolina adults between March 25 and April 1, conducted by Winthrop University. and solicited residents’ opinions on many other topics, including legal sports betting, Christianity, etc. America and LGBTQ issues.

The survey found that 76% of adults in South Carolina support legal medical cannabis. The two major political parties generally agreed on the topic, with 80% of Democrats and 72% of Republicans supporting it.

“Support for medical marijuana in South Carolina has grown steadily over the years, especially as other states move toward legalization without any apparent disruption of society. Winthrop Poll Director Huffmon said at the university. news release.

The two parties are a little more divided when it comes to recreational cannabis, but a majority of the general population (56%) supports its legalization. Republicans are split between 45-45% and Democrats are 62% in favor of legalizing adult use. Overall support increased by 2 percentage points compared to the 2022 Winthrop University poll.

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-South Carolina), who sponsored the state reform bill that pushed for federal cannabis legalization in the last Congress, spoke about the results on Twitter.

“Interesting findings on cannabis and gay marriage are supported by a majority of South Carolina people. It shows that the country loves freedom,” she wrote. “I wish you would have asked me about women’s issues and gun violence. See you next time.”

Missed Medical Cannabis Opportunity

South Carolina has yet to legalize weed for medical or recreational use, and the consequences follow a pivotal time for the state when it comes to cannabis. was aimed at legalizing , but was abolished by the House of Representatives last year. Sen. Tom Davis (R-Beaufort) reintroduced the bill this year, but last year he passed it by a vote of 28-15, awaiting debate on the Senate floor.

invoice It legalizes medical cannabis for patients with certain eligibility conditions, but prohibits smoking, along with possession of the plant form of cannabis. Medical products such as topicals, oils and e-cigarettes will be manufactured by regulated suppliers, and patients will be limited to buying her two weeks’ worth of cannabis at a time.

A vote to prioritize the bill on the floor of the Senate We’re screwed Early March. South Carolina veterans and their supporters pleaded with senators to debate the bill, increasing the chances of it becoming law this year. WSPA report March 28th.

“South Carolina wants this. “If they want to keep fighting cannabis, so be it. But can we at least get the sick, the dying, the sick off the battlefield?” ?”

But the bill needed to pass the Senate by March 30 to become law this year. Legislation could still advance this session, although it would require a supermajority of support in Congress.

Most recently, the bill passed the Senate Health Care Committee in February.

To gain approval from conservative legislators, Davis allowed the bill to create one of the strictest medical cannabis programs. said it aims to prevent recreational cannabis.

“Tell people to look at the South Carolina law and say, ‘If you want a law that helps patients and empowers doctors but doesn’t go down the slope to recreation, this is your bill.’ I want you to”. Said his colleague in the House of Commons.

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