Germany Waters Down Cannabis Liberalization After EU Meeting

Germany Waters Down Cannabis Liberalization After EU Meeting

Germany’s cannabis liberalization plan is not as comprehensive as people had hoped. At least for now, Amsterdam-style coffee shops may be a pipe dream after the EU deal. instead, Associated Press report The watered-down plan will use state-controlled non-profit social clubs. German residents over the age of 18 can purchase up to 25 grams per day (or 50 grams per month). However, if you are between the ages of 18 and 21, that number is limited to 30 grams for adults under the age of 21.

Germany has allowed the sale of cannabis to medical patients since 2017. The cannabis liberalization plan is one of many social reform projects proposed by the tripartite coalition of socially liberal German Chancellor Olaf Scholz when he takes office in December 2021.

Additionally, these cannabis clubs have a maximum of 500 members each. Clubs can grow their own cannabis for their members to enjoy. Individuals can also grow, but up to 3 per person. He can only join one club, and authorities can limit the number of clubs that exist. Club expenses are covered by dues on a sliding scale according to the amount of cannabis used by members.

German authorities also plan to launch a regional pilot project to sell cannabis through a “commercial supply chain,” Health Minister Karl Lauterbach said. The completed proposal, a watered-down version first proposed in October, would allow licensed vessels to sell cannabis to adults across the country.

German ministers say the curtailed liberalization plan is the result of restrictions established by the EU. Not everyone is ready to embrace the brave new world of cannabis legalization. Saying that loosening restrictions is dangerous, of BBC reportBavarian Chancellor Markus Soder, for example, tweeted that drug legalization was “just going in the wrong direction”, adding that “drug clubs” didn’t solve the problem, they created new ones. I was. As a result, Germany was forced to compromise.

Germany’s new cannabis scheme isn’t the ideal result for cannabis advocates, but it’s still a big step in the right direction: 25 grams is almost an ounce of cannabis. The intention of liberalizing cannabis laws in Germany is to try to stop the black market. However, countries would be advised to look to places such as California where illegal markets continue to thrive due to government bureaucracy and high barriers to entry to the legal market. If you want to get rid of illegal weeds, the best thing you can do is come up with a realistic plan that meets consumer expectations.

The curtailment plan will come after a meeting with the European Union (EU) Executive Committee.of Associated Press Agriculture Minister Cem Özdemir reportedly said that EU law “sets limits that we must respect, but I also say that we are pushing them.” Ozdemir also said a draft of the bill is due to be completed this month and “consumption will be legalized already this year.” The next step is to conduct his five-year test of his chain of regulated commercial supply in specific regions that have not yet been selected.

The plan is subject to approval by the lower house of the German parliament (officials said approval from the upper house is not required). Its parliament represents Germany’s 16 state governments, including Germany’s main and more conservative center-right opposition bloc opposed to the liberalization of cannabis laws. But the health minister argued that Germany’s existing policies had failed, adding that their goal was to create safer products. Bach said. “We are trying to solve the problem.”

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