Poll: Majority Support Legalization in Hawaii

Poll: Majority Support Legalization in Hawaii

More than half of Hawaii residents believe it’s time for the state to change laws and legalize adult recreational cannabis use. According to a new poll From the marijuana trade organization released this week.

of investigationreleased Tuesday by the Hawaii Cannabis Industry Association (HICIA).

15% of Hawaii residents said they were neither for nor against legalization.

“The reasons for the support vary, but include social and economic benefits, the belief that citizens should have the ability to choose what to do with their bodies, and the safety of cannabis, especially compared to prescription drugs. The reasons for opposition vary, but include the perception that cannabis can harm society, the belief that cannabis itself is harmful (and the potential gateway), focusing on claims that cannabis will be abused if legalized,” the pollster wrote. their analysis.

“Political candidates are less likely to be affected by support for recreational cannabis laws, especially if they are made up of sociopolitical groups that tend to support legalization,” they continued. 30% of respondents said they were more likely to support a candidate who supports the legalization of adult recreational use, compared to less likely to support a candidate who supports the same view26 However, nearly 40% of residents indicated that the candidate’s views on legalization do not make a significant difference to the vote, and a majority of residents believe regulation is important. 93% said age restrictions are very or somewhat important, 83% said limiting purchase quantities and banning use in public places is important, and 81% said taxing cannabis products restrictions on clinic location (72%) and number of clinics (67%) were considered less important.”

Hawaii Democrats introduced a bill last month to legalize recreational marijuana use in the state.

“We all know, and as the people of Hawaii know, that it is time to legalize adult recreational cannabis use in Hawaii. We are standing on the floor,” State Representative Jeanne Capella said at an event announcing the law last month.

“Following the recommendations of the task force dedicated to addressing cannabis policy, we now have a roadmap for legalizing recreational cannabis on our islands,” Capella added.

According to polls According to a paper released this week, “percentage of residents who believe legalization will have positive social and economic consequences compared to those who believe legalization will have negative consequences. is expensive.”

“For example, 54% of residents think legalization is good for the economy, while 16% think it is bad. 36% believe it will generate little tax revenue,” the pollster wrote. “While 44% believe it will ease the burden on Hawaii’s criminal justice system, 38% believe it will not. Believes it will help groups that have been negatively affected Only 21% believe legalization will hurt these same groups In terms of overall impact, 34% believe legalization of adult recreational use believe it will be beneficial to state residents, 23% believe it is harmful, and the largest single group (37%) believes that legalization will bring both benefits and harm.”

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