Poll States 28% of Americans Have Tried At Least One Psychedelic Substance

Poll States 28% of Americans Have Tried At Least One Psychedelic Substance

Poll asked 1,000 adults answering questions online Between July 22nd and 25th, it was revealed that 28% of Americans used at least one of the seven psychedelic drugs included in the survey. The list of substances includes LSD (14% of participants), psilocybin (13%), MDMA (9%), ketamine (6%), DMT (6%), salvia (5%).

Opinion polls point out that psychedelic acceptance is increasing and more legislation is being proposed. “Recent changes in both policy and public opinion suggest that US trends may be increasingly in favor of psychedelics.” YouGov says.. “In the last few years, psilocybin, also known as psychedelic mushrooms, has been criminalized in many cities across the United States, including Oakland, California. In November of this year, Coloradans legalized the drug throughout the state. By January 2023, Oregon will begin permitting use for mental health treatments in monitored environments. “

According to polls, 42 percent of those who have tried Psychedelics have a family income of $ 100,000 or more, while only 34% have an income of $ 50,000 to $ 100,000. And 23% reported that they had income of less than $ 50,000. In addition, 42% said they had a graduate degree, 26% had an undergraduate degree, and 24% had a high school degree or lower.

In terms of age, 39% of participants who tried psychedelics ranged between 30 and 44 years, while 35% ranged between 18 and 29 years and only 14% over 65 years. did. Of the participants tested, 34% were identified as male and 22% were identified as female.

Regionally, acceptance patterns follow the areas in which psychedelic legislation was enacted. 37% of participants who tried the substance live in the western United States, 34% in the northeast and 23% in the south (other regions not identified). People who have tried psychedelics often live in cities (36%), compared to suburbs (26%) and rural areas (19%).

In other definition categories, we looked at people of different religions, people living in other parts of the country, age, and other identifiers such as “very conservative,” “conservative,” and “liberal.” According to poll data, 52% of participants say that liberals, as defined, have tried at least one psychedelic drug.

However, many of the participants remained opposed to criminalizing some of these substances. 44% oppose the non-criminalization of psilocybin, 53% oppose the non-criminalization of LSD, and 53% oppose the non-criminalization of MDMA. Overall, anyone who has tried one of these substances is more likely to agree that it should be non-criminalized. “And support for legalization of psychedelic drugs is relatively low across Americans, but much more among those who have personally experienced the substance, especially those who have used mushrooms. It’s getting higher. “

Those who have tried these substances have also expressed their support for medical initiatives that promote psychedelic drugs as a medical treatment. “A recently proposed bipartisan amendment to the annual Defense Authorization Act proposed by Dan Crenshaw and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is a psychedelic-supported post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for veterans. ) Relax federal regulations on treatment research. ” YouGov wrote.. When asked about their support for the initiative and other studies, 54% said they supported it and 18% said they disagreed. Sixty-three percent of those with a college degree endorsed the research activity of at least one psychedelic drug, while 49% of those without a college degree also endorsed the research. 60% of Democratic participants said they were likely to support psychedelic research with 54% of independents and 45% of Republicans.

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