Governor Announces Intent to Delay Implementing Voter-Initiated Medical Marijuana Access Law

Governor Announces Intent to Delay Implementing Voter-Initiated Medical Marijuana Access Law

Measure 26 will legalize South Dakota medical marijuana

South Dakota residents voted in favor of implementing Measure 26 on Election Day, an initiative aimed at legalizing medical marijuana across the state, but South Dakota’s governing body is state-wide. Announced that the implementation of the measures will be delayed by one year.

In a statement released Wednesday, Republican Governor Kirsty Nome intended to respect her promise to legalize cannabis in the state, but to fully implement it until July 1, 2022. He said it would take.

The original initiative was designed to legalize medical marijuana by July 1, 2021. Since announcing this delay, the Republican administration in South Dakota has been scrutinized for failing to meet its original schedule.

“The policy is detailed and based on other state best practices,” a spokesman for the Major 26 campaign said in response to the announcement. “The legislature does not need to change Bill 26. It has created a complete policy. All they need to do is respect the will of the people and the state has a medical marijuana program for qualified patients. It’s just about being able to do it. “

State Democrats are also not happy with the announcement from the governor. “The fact that they are dragging [the implementation of Measure 26] It’s really frustrating, “said Jamie Smith, Democratic leader of the State Capitol.

South Dakota Cannabis Legalization State

Last November, South Dakota voters voted in favor of two steps to legalize marijuana. Measure 26, mentioned above, and Amendment A, which aims to fully legalize the use of cannabis by adults throughout the state. Passing Bill 26 and Amendment A could create a unique situation in US marijuana legalization, as South Dakota will be the first state to legalize both medical and adult marijuana at the same time.

Incumbent Governor Nome has campaigned against both of these initiatives. Despite her efforts, both of these were passed with sufficient votes. Since its passage, Governor Nome has worked with Cannabis Public Policy Consulting to implement these initiatives.

Last week there was a backlash against both of these initiatives. However, on Monday, the Circuit Court of South Dakota ruled to invalidate Amendment A for violating the Amendment to the state’s “Single Subject Rule” requirement.

Despite best efforts to establish a Republican Party to reduce cannabis legalization in the state, supporters of Amendment A plan to appeal the ruling to the state Supreme Court.

With regard to Measure 26, the postponement decision may be final.

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