Portable Vaporizers A Hit in 2019 and Beyond

Portable Vaporizers A Hit in 2019 and Beyond

Miniaturized vaporizers are a trend in 2019, with many new and old companies throwing their engineering hats into the ring and releasing miniaturized, portable vaporizers. I’ve had the chance to test some of these newer varieties of vape, including the Davinci Miqro, a premium product in the portable vaporizer market.

The people at Vapium, an innovative vaporizer company in Toronto, take pride in developing a medical grade portable dry herb unit. When I say affordable, I mean vapium light The one I’m reviewing is only $79 USD.

Current marketplace status

As more countries and states legalize cannabis, more people are looking to the market for new ways to smoke and consume cannabis easily and discreetly. It took off thanks to the success of early adopters such as and Bickel, who created the first high-quality, usable vaporizers. Since then, every imaginable kind of portable vaporizer has hit the market. Most of these new products are low quality, made with low quality parts, and tend not to work well or for very long.

good price

Until recently, you had to spend over $200 to get a decent vaporizer, but with the release of Vapium Lite, you can now have a quality portable vaporizer for just $79 USD. I was. I was skeptical at first.This year I was sent a poor quality vaporizer for review.

First look at Vapium Lite

Lite units don’t have a lot of fancy features like “steam paths” or special heating routines, but you can find very simple and simple units that work. The front of the unit has all the controls you need to operate the device. The Lite has 4 main heating temperatures and 4 half-step temperature settings for users who are very specific with their settings. I preferred to use the light at full power to get a very strong hit, the Lite goes from low to full heat in just 40 seconds and is ready to go. The device works fine in cold temperatures and has a long battery life.

the lights blew me up

I usually had to smoke two sessions from the light to fully blast and finished one bowl completely. Since the lights use a ceramic conduction source, the cannabis needs to make good contact with the walls of the conduction basket.

The Lite has a built-in stir bar at the bottom of the unit. This stick is great for loosening cooked cannabis or tamping fresh cannabis. It seems that with two smokes in the vaporizer, the ceramic can heat the entire cannabis chamber without having to stir the bowl to cook all the plants.

battery life

The Vapium Lite uses a 18500 mAh Li-Ion battery, so you can use a regular USB C charger for your device, although charging is included. A full charge took just over an hour, and the run time at full power was around 6 sessions or 20 minutes.

Load Vapium Lite

Use only well-ground cannabis to fill your lights. To insert cannabis, remove the unit’s mouthpiece to expose the ceramic heating chamber. The chamber is nice and deep, but needs to be packed at least a little so that the cannabis is pressed down all sides of the chamber. One downside of the Lite is that the top of the unit is flat, making it difficult to get all the cannabis material into the chamber. I made it

Once the unit is filled, snap the mouthpiece into the unit and press for 3 seconds to start heating. The Lite comes with two different mouthpieces. The main option is small and discreet, while the second option has a large spout and can be adapted to glass or tubes.

Set the desired temperature by adjusting the heat with the plus and minus buttons on the side of the unit and wait about 40 seconds. The light will turn on when the unit reaches heat.

Vibe Vapium Light?

I have to admit that I’ve been disappointed many times with new portable vaporizers in the past, so I wasn’t expecting much from the Lite. Vapium has designed this product well, from ease of use to inexpensive price. I found the Lite very easy to use, unlike many portables that are small enough but don’t work. This unit works very well for the low price.

For $79.00 USD, you can’t get a better portable vaporizer. vapium light.

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