How to Increase Terpenes When Growing Your Cannabis Plants

How to Increase Terpenes When Growing Your Cannabis Plants

If you haven’t figured out how to increase your terpenes when growing cannabis, now is the right time to take some serious steps. Terpenes It influences the scent and smell of the plant and, as a result, the enjoyment of the user, but it is also said to enhance the plant’s many health benefits and potency. Let’s see.

excellent soil

Like other plants, Cannabis needs the right soil to thrive, produces strong buds rich in terpenes. It goes without saying that the soil has the right nutrients, but opinions are divided on this. Some claim it’s a professional natural nutrient, while others claim the artificial supplement is just as good. If this isn’t what you’re after, you can flush the plants about two to three weeks before harvest.

By the way, the best recommendation is the “super”, the so-called “living” soil, which is rich in microorganisms. In this way, you will mimic the natural environment. Combined with the right supplements, you’re sure to get more diverse and complex terpenes.

To stress or not to stress

LST must be applied to initiate terpene production. Low stress training for plantsThe reason for bending the plant to spread the small branches in the right direction is the fact that this way the precious greens are brighter and grow at a more even rate.

let it shine

Speaking of which, a UV light, especially a UV-B light, is most highly recommended for better yields. Ultraviolet light is said to stimulate the production of trichromes, but since terpenes are produced by these small glands, it also stimulates the production of terpenes. Simply put, plants produce them while trying to protect themselves from UV rays. Don’t forget to use safety glasses. It takes about 2-3 weeks to expose to light during the flowering period.

hot or cold

Temperature is essential for the development of bud and terpene concentration and quality during the last 6 weeks of flowering.

Temperatures should be below 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the latter half of the flowering period. Beyond this, the buds become stiff and lose their lovely fragrance. Lower the temperature by 5-10 degrees at night, as this small change has proven beneficial.

As for humidity, it should be around 50% during flowering for maximum terpene production. However, he recommends lowering the humidity to 30% before harvesting. This is because it itself represents stress and encourages the plant to produce more trichomes. Of course, it can also be used as a talisman when the buds are rotten.

harvest season

Terpenes are not only beautiful, they are also very sensitive. Because they are highly volatile compounds, they are very easy to break down. Therefore, it is essential to harvest on time. Each terpene has its own characteristics These can vary from harvest to harvest, and even the same strain requires close attention to the plant during this period. Otherwise, you risk losing valuable terpenes. Regularly check the buds for trichomes using a magnifying glass.

final step

Even if everything has been going smoothly so far, Tsubomi needs a little more patience to really be at her best. Drying should be slow, keeping the humidity low to avoid mold.

Finally, store the dried buds in jars or other containers (no white paper or plastic bags) and open them once or twice daily to let fresh air in. Check for mold or bad buds. After a few weeks, you won’t be able to do it regularly. This usually takes a month, but the longer it cures, the smoother the smoke. Provided, of course, that you keep checking for mold.

As you can see, they are all sprouting and have been properly maintained. By following the directions closely, you’ll be able to enjoy the full benefits of these amazing terpenes.

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