Reefers by Sublime Cannabis Line Arrives with New Live Album

Reefers by Sublime Cannabis Line Arrives with New Live Album

Two of the three living members of the legendary band Sublime, Bud Gaugh and Eric Wilson, along with vocalist Bradley Nowell’s widow Troy Nowell, have announced the band’s cannabis line. Reefer from SublimeThe cannabis line appears alongside a new live album, Double LP $5 at the Door (Live at Tressel Tavern, 1994) Featuring vocals from Bradley Nowell on April 21st.

This is the band’s official launch of high-quality cannabis products in partnership with the Costa Mesa-based company, according to a Feb. 7 press release. healing planta licensed manufacturer of cannabis products in California.

Sublime’s Reefers uses art based on the band’s first album. 40 oz to liberty cover art Originally designed by my friend Opie OrtizThe iconography of the sublime sun cover art is now legendary. Sublime recorded the most popular version of “Smoke Two Joints” for that album, originally recorded by The Toys in 1983. The cannabis brand’s first product is based on lyrics.

Three initial two-joint products Available 0.7 oz bag: Smoke 2 joints in the morning (Sativa), smoke 2 joints in the afternoon (Hybrid), smoke 2 joints in the evening (Indica). Products are currently only available at select Southern California licensed retailers, including 420 Central in Orange County. on the website complete list A map of places that sell Sublime Reefers.

Two joints to smoke in the morning include Santeria, which is a moonbow (Do-Si-Do x Zkittles and White Tahoe Cookies (The White x Tahoe Og x Unknown GSC cut)). For smoking two joints in the afternoon we have Sancho OG which is OG Kush. (Chemdawg x Lemon Thai x Hindu Kush x Northern California).Smoke Two Joints at Night is Whoa Si Whoa (The White x Do-Si-Do) tested for his THC of over 30%.

The strain is top shelf cultivation Based in Long Beach, a family-owned and licensed grower renowned for its award-winning cannabis.

“Holistic Wellness. Medical Needs. Grown-Ups. Whatever your needs and personal choices, Sublime has its own weed and it’s high quality!” “I was entitled and tested, so try it!”

Anyone familiar with Sublime’s music knows the huge role cannabis plays.

“Cannabis culture has been part of Sublime since the beginning, and we’re thrilled to now have our own product line,” said Eric Wilson. Cannabis took me to that place when I was playing music to Reefers, whether it’s used for relief, creativity, alternative medicine, or just relaxing. It’s very helpful.”

“Sublime have decades of cannabis heritage, steeped in positivity and soulful significance to the reggae culture that has had such an enormous impact on their music and lifestyle.” Jacob And for me, this is an opportunity to nurture Brad’s memory and his musical talents together with our global community of family and friends.We are excited about the positive impact cannabis has in helping opioid addicts recover, I am very encouraged by its medicinal benefits against many debilitating conditions, its ability to use its properties to achieve mental health and provide holistic relief to many.”

Robert Taft, founder and CEO of The Healing Plant, and business partner Robert Knohl, managing partner of R2 Capital Holdings LLC, will develop, source and fulfill the line’s products. Taft called it “a labor of love.”

Brian Danaher, co-founder of Top Shelf Cultivation, said: This is a family affair, a love of plants and culture…”

On February 7th, the band $5 at the Door (Live at Tressel Tavern, 1994) It will be released on April 21st, following Sublime’s rollout of Reefers.

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