Republican Congressman Reintroduces Bill To Move Cannabis to Schedule III

Republican Congressman Reintroduces Bill To Move Cannabis to Schedule III

With many supporters pushing for the decriminalization and complete descheduling of cannabis at the federal level, one Republican lawmaker is pushing for simply downgrading cannabis from Schedule I to Schedule III.

Rep. Greg Steube (R-Florida) reintroduced the bill as follows: HR610 The Jan. 27 Marijuana One-to-Three Act comes along with seven other bills about four years after a similar bill was previously introduced. Press release.

The bill directs the U.S. Attorney General to amend the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) to move cannabis from Schedule I to Schedule III of the Act within 60 days of enactment.

The bill has not gone as far as other bills that decriminalize or otherwise end federal bans on cannabis. However, the bill would protect federal employees who consume cannabis because only Schedule I or II substances are prohibited. It also liberates cannabis businesses affected by tax code 280E, making research more feasible.

Rep. Steube introduced a similar bill, the Marijuana 1 to 3 Act of 2019, on September 12, 2019. This would demote cannabis from Schedule 1 and increase its research potential.

“Marijuana is legalized for medical and recreational use across the United States, so it’s important to study the effects of this substance and its possible effects on different people,” said Rep. Steube. increase. Said “The rescheduling of marijuana from a Schedule I controlled substance to a Schedule III controlled substance will greatly expand research and research opportunities. , its medical value can now be determined.”

The congressman acknowledged that research on cannabis is currently being hampered by the current situation.

“Every day we hear stories about the health benefits of marijuana. Whether it’s a young child with a seizure disorder or a veteran suffering from chronic pain, the medical benefits of marijuana are clear. Yes, and I think it’s time to get rid of the bureaucratic red tape that prevents us from thoroughly studying this substance.

Due to the nature of the conflict between state cannabis laws and federal law, such a bill would be a step in the right direction, albeit a rather small one.

President Joe Biden has directed an administrative review of the potential rescheduling of cannabis under the CSA.

Steube’s other bills, released at the same time as the Marijuana 1 to 3 Act, include stripping Disney of copyright protection and, according to the announcement, specifically calling what he calls “big tech” and “awakened” organizations. contains the target.

“The Republican majority in the 118th Congress is working to hold the government accountable to the public,” said Steube. “8 bills that would remove privileges from big tech and awakened organizations, cut taxes for Americans, prevent their money from being spent on cruel dog tests, and hold governments accountable while improving efficiency. will be resubmitted!”

Struwe has also taken controversial positions on other issues such as: transgender rightsand pushed to allow guns at airports, added mandatory minimum sentence for drug traffickingHis 2017 bill states: Harsh sentences for cannabis sales, production and distribution and other drugs.

On January 27, the bill was referred to the Energy Commerce Commission and the Judiciary Commission for a period determined by the Chair.

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