Republican Senators Forced to Rethink Their Views on Marijuana Reform Following Continued Voter Support Says Senate Chairman

Republican Senators Forced to Rethink Their Views on Marijuana Reform Following Continued Voter Support Says Senate Chairman

Senate Finance Commission Chairman Ron Wyden (D-OR) told Yahoo Finance Live on Tuesday that Republican counterparts on the other side of the aisle have increased support from their own members for the marijuana reform law. He said he had to agree.

“My Republican colleagues are trying to adjust some of the views they have had for a long time, with the fact that their voters are in front of them. Weiden exclaimed.” Their voters, “Look, we’re voting for this,” he says. It’s time to change. ”

Promoting the legalization of marijuana at the federal level has become a top priority for Democrats who control both parliaments, but how Republicans weigh their personal opposition to cannabis. I’m in a dilemma. Call for reform.

Failure of federal policy on cannabis drug enforcement

As the federal ban on cannabis continues, many states, from conservative to liberal, have successfully enacted some form of marijuana legalization. This stunning indication of bipartisan cooperation for reform was particularly apparent in last November’s elections, when typical red states like Mississippi, Montana, and South Dakota overwhelmingly approved cannabis reform voting initiatives. ..

Past election cycles have also handed over Senate control to the Democratic Party by a small margin. Senator Weiden, along with new leaders Chuck Schumer and Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ), is important to capture this moment and promote marijuana law, not just their party colleagues. Enlivened colleagues throughout the aisle about sexuality. After meeting with reformers and stakeholders last week, they issued a joint statement outlining plans to pass a new law.

“What we’re trying to do is end the failed federal policy on cannabis, which starts with a ban,” Weiden said. sSaid in a new interview. “We want to get rid of the bans and then wise regulatory oversight.”

Weiden, as chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, is working on reforms. Help these little cannabis businesses in their kind of tax situation“. But he also wants Congress to “finally recognize the failure of the war on drugs and erase the records of so many people hurt by it.”

When asked about what he believed the economic consequences of legalization would be, Weiden assessed the potential impact by saying: It’s good for the economy. Indeed, it can be a real plus for small businesses and the color community. That is our point of view. “

Senator Sharod Brown (D-OH), the newly appointed chairman of the Senate Banking Commission, also this week opened a bank to serve legal marijuana operations in the state that has already passed the legalization of marijuana. He said he could help promote the law to protect. But he hopes a bill will be passed to address the sentencing reform of drug crimes.

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