Retailers Count Down to Legalization in Vermont

Retailers Count Down to Legalization in Vermont

It’s been a long time coming, but Vermont is finally poised to enjoy cannabis legalization, and retailers are gearing up to join the thriving new industry.

The Cannabis Control Board is gearing up to start distributing licenses on October 1st, with that date in sight soon. With this in mind, companies have been preparing for the big day for months.

Scott Sparks of Bad Burn, Vermont, a retailer looking to open in West Brattleboro, Vermont, is gearing up and hopeful. He hopes to start a business as soon as cannabis is legalized in the state, and he plans to become one of the first retailers in the industry.

“Yeah, things are definitely moving forward,” he said. To tell To prepare for his work so far and open the door for him. “I planned to run it for his two weeks. In three days he had over 150 applications.”

Sparks is no stranger to the world of cannabis. He has been involved in the CBD market for years and, if all goes well, is preparing to enter the legal cannabis market as well. has been reviewed by the Association and has begun the interview process for applicants to work at the pharmacy.

He had no problem shutting in on interviews and hooking interested staff, but understandably he had problems with banking. For the time being, local banks have put a hold on dealing with cannabis customers, so we have opted to work with virtual banks if they can open one. He said VSECU, a bank he hoped to work with, would not take on future cannabis businesses.

“I turned in all my paperwork on time and had a long-standing relationship, but I wasn’t allowed to open an account,” Sparks says of the banking challenges.

In the meantime, he’s focused on building his business, installing safety and security systems, and meeting with farmers and producers.

“I call myself top-notch growers, but the reason they really approached us was because they wanted to be a part of my ongoing branding here, and I wanted to create a presence in Southern Vermont. Because I want to have it, ”he says of People. he is trying to cooperate

And others in the region, even outside the cannabis industry, are equally excited about the opportunities it presents.

“I’m thrilled about this part of West Brattleboro,” says Larissa Volkaichute, owner of the art gallery in the same building that Vermont’s Bad Barn is about to open. Introduce the work of other artists. “

As soon as a cannabis license is approved by the Cannabis Control Board, retailers can start selling cannabis. So interested retailers are gearing up and ready to go on sale as soon as possible. .

“The day I can turn the key on that door will be one of the best days of my life,” Sparks said of his hopes for the future. “I’m so excited to finally get here after so many years.”

For Sparks, he plans to have the product available for sale within four days of getting the license. As long as this process goes smoothly, Vermont will see an explosion of local industry as many recreational businesses follow suit.

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