Riverside County Law Enforcement Seizes $1 Million in Illegal Cannabis, Mushroom Products

Riverside County Law Enforcement Seizes $1 Million in Illegal Cannabis, Mushroom Products

according to press release The attack occurred around 5:30 pm on May 4, according to reports from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. The Jurupa Valley Sheriff’s Department Special Enforcement Team (SET) responded to the disturbance at Block 1700 of the Production Circle within the Business He area, home to other businesses off Rubido Boulevard.

Several people attempted to flee the scene, but the sheriff’s office reports many were detained. “Jurupa Valley SET agents have located evidence of an illegal/unlicensed marijuana dispensary and secured its location. MET) for assistance.

At the scene, officers found a variety of illegal cannabis products. “During the service of the search warrant, agents found approximately 115 pounds of processed marijuana, 10 pounds of psilocybin mushrooms, 100 pounds of marijuana concentrate, 2,400 marijuana vapes, and 1,200 edible marijuana items. The estimated value of the seized items was determined to exceed $1,000,000,” the agency reported.

As of May 9, the investigation is ongoing and no further information has been shared at this time.

Last summer, the California Cannabis Control Commission (DCC) announced that law enforcement seized more than $1 billion worth of illegal cannabis products between 2021 and 2022. “This important milestone is achieved through close collaboration with local, state, and federal partners to prevent activities that harm communities and the environment, such as water theft, threats of violence, elder abuse, and human trafficking. We will accelerate California’s efforts to boost,” said DCC. “These businesses and the products they produce threaten consumer safety and the vitality of legal and compliant licensees.”

recently march, the DCC released its 2021 and 2022 enforcement statistics. During this period, search warrants increased from 62 in 2021 to 155 in 2022, with over £41,726 in 2021 and over £144,254 in illegal goods seized in 2022. I was.

DCC law enforcement chief Bill Jones explained the importance of continuing to target illegal activity. “Through each enforcement action, our team will be able to better understand how these criminal operations work. can protect the health and safety of jones said“I would like to thank the dedicated group of officers in our department who work closely with our law enforcement partners to make these operations successful. We are policing the market and ensuring that California maintains a well-regulated and legal marketplace that benefits Californians.”

Additionally, the DCC reported that it will have destroyed 19,221 illegal cannabis plants in 2021 and 264,196 in 2022. This is his 1,274% increase.

Riverside is one of many cities working to establish regulatory frameworks in their respective regions.according to of press enterprise, the Riverside City Council recently approved an ordinance allowing up to 14 cannabis retail licenses on February 28. On March 1, the city’s press released his release with statements of several key figures.

According to City Councilman Ronaldo Fierro, it’s time for Riverside to catch up. “The long overdue decision to overturn today’s retail ban on cannabis was the result of a multi-year effort involving focused community and stakeholder input.” fiero said“This is the first step in a pragmatic and sensible policy process centered around providing benefits and opportunities for all Riverside residents.”

Riverside Mayor Protem Clarissa Cervantes also released a statement about cannabis finally making headway in Riverside. “With just over 18 months to go before the November 2024 ballot, he has the time it takes to create a program that is socially fair and ensures that voters are informed about what the tax action will do.” cervantes he said“Riverside voters approved this bill years ago, and the council voted to advance it to pave the way for safe access and quality workforce opportunities.”

City officials will continue to develop. Permit Review and Enforcement Processwhich plans to submit plans to the Riverside City Council this summer.

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