Root 66 Medical Marijuana Dispensary Adds Second St. Louis Location in Dogtown – Plans of Third in St. Peters

Root 66 Medical Marijuana Dispensary Adds Second St. Louis Location in Dogtown – Plans of Third in St. Peters

After successfully opening the Tower Grove South location earlier this month, Route 66 Cannabis launched a second medical marijuana pharmacy just a few miles north of Dogtown.

Route 66 Cannabis Opens Manchester

Route 66 first opened the door to the entertainment district of Tower Grove South on March 5, providing qualified patients with flowers, pre-rolls, medicated food and drink. Occupying a large building in 3737 South Grand Boulevard, the pharmacy is popular with many locally-loved restaurants such as Lulu’s local eateries and tree houses, as well as authentic fast food such as Taco Bell and White Castle. It is within walking distance from the store.

“Our team is proud to open the first St. Louis City Pharmacy with a South Grand Store on the corner of Grand and Chippewa on March 5,” said Rachel Schenck, Route 66 Retail Manager. I told the blog.

Patients with medical marijuana in St. Louis have so far responded positively to the opening of a clinic, citing the store’s knowledgeable staff, modern presentations and convenient location as key points in the customer experience. .. Route 66 plans to continue these trends in Dogtown — at the second (and brand new) St. Louis pharmacy.

To commemorate the opening of the 6660 Manchester Avenue Store on Friday, March 26, Route 66 Cannabis currently sells medical marijuana products from 10 am to 6 pm 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Immediate acceptance of the launch is already largely enthusiastic, and the Route 66 team is eager to continue working in the St. Louis region.

“It was a very exciting time to open a clinic in the city. Patients have been waiting for this for a long time. It provides city residents with safe access to medical cannabis and local neighborhoods and states. We are grateful to be one of the first companies to bring additional sales tax revenue to our veteran program, “says Schenck.

As the medical marijuana market expands to different parts of Missouri, Route 66 continues to expand. In addition to the locations of Tower Grove South and Dogtown, the dispenser chain is aimed at St. Charles County. Route 66 joins St. Peter’s licensees Mintha Dispensary and Suede Dispensary and will be properly open to patients on April 20th.

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