Salem, Massachusetts Will No Longer Arrest People for Psilocybin

Salem, Massachusetts Will No Longer Arrest People for Psilocybin

Salem, a city infamous for its 17th-century witch trials, has forged a new reputation for stopping modern-day witch-hunting. As of this month, Salem is ending its arrests with psilocybin mushrooms. Psychedelic Spotlight Report. The city council supported the bill 9-0, making it the sixth city in Massachusetts to do so. Psilocybin is considered to be one of the safest drugs.Findings published in Journal of Psychopharmacology He shared that only 0.2% of magic mushroom users required emergency medical care after using them. For those who had a bad experience, it was a negative state of mind (bad trip) that disappeared within 24 hours. Furthermore, no one dies from a physical overdose of psilocybin. (relatively, World Health Organization report Three million people die each year from the destructive use of alcohol, representing 5.3% of all deaths. )

The Salem bill’s passage came after the FDA classified psilocybin as a “breakthrough treatment” for depression. “This is a win for science and the neurodiffusion community advancing life-saving research into the complex inner workings of our brains,” said Miyabe Shields, a neuroscientist in Salem. Psychedelic Spotlight Report.

As too many people know (According to Columbia University1 in 10 Americans suffer from depression), and there is data that drugs such as SSRIs and SNRIs, which are standard treatments for depression, improve symptoms in only about 20 out of 100 people. . National Library of Medicine indicates Psychedelic options such as psilocybin and ketamine are literal saviors for many people who do not respond to conventional medications. In addition, psychedelic drugs can relieve depression in hours, whereas drugs such as SSRIs take weeks to work. As for measures, Psychedelic Spotlight ReportMichael Botelho, a disabled Marine veteran who served in combat during the Gulf War, active organizer of BayStars and the New England Veterans of Plant Medicine, said: PTSD must be dealt with before finding psilocybin mushrooms. For the first time in about 25 years, I was able to sleep, overcome my opiate addiction, and work again. Certainly, now that the risk of arrest is gone, New Englanders with depression will feel more comfortable using psychedelic therapy.

In addition, studies have shown that psilocybin has an influential role in harm reduction exercise. Her study of 44,000 Americans, published in the US Journal of Psychopharmacology, found that psilocybin was associated with symptoms such as: 40% less risk Suffering from opioid addiction. Data from the CDC shows that Opioids have been implicated in 68,630 overdose deaths in 2020 (74.8% of all drug overdose deaths). This powerful property of psilocybin has gained a surprising following in the Salem measurement. You don’t have to turn off NWA’s “Fuck The Police,” but know that City Police Commissioner Lucas Miller endorsed the bill before the city’s final vote. “Signs that psilocybin may help with opiate addiction should not be ignored. Opioid overdoses kill about 20 people a year in Salem,” Miller says. Psychedelic Spotlight Report.

Salem could become the sixth Massachusetts city to abolish arrests for psilocybin mushrooms, but it won’t be the last.

It’s a grassroots group that deserves credit for making this campaign successful over the years. Natural Medicine BayStars, Somerville, Cambridge, Northampton, Easthampton and Amherst have passed similar measures. In addition, the organization currently promotes state laws that: Laws related to plant medicineThis would legalize home-growing and sharing of psilocybin and related plants.

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