Santa Claus to Deliver Weed, Courtesy of Emjay

Santa Claus to Deliver Weed, Courtesy of Emjay

Santa Claus is coming to town. Give the gift most people want this holiday season: weed.

Between December 19th and Christmas Eve, December 24th, Emjay will send cannabis delivery couriers dressed as Santa Claus to deliver orders throughout Los Angeles and San Diego. One of the most creative holiday gimmicks we’ve seen.

In the spirit of the Christmas season, Emjay is experimenting with a different marketing approach this year, giving the company and its management team even more opportunities to celebrate.

Emjay CEO Chris Vaughn said: “Having Santa’s courier adds an exciting and festive element to our service and delights our customers at this time of year.”

Emjay encourages customers to take photos and tag customers who receive Santa’s deliveries Emjay’s Instagram account Via Stories (subject to Instagram Community Guidelines by Meta). Then Emjay will send you a DM and you will receive a gift on your next purchase.

In addition to the possibility of receiving Santa’s courier, Emjay also offers selected holidays Kushmas Bundle Products valued at $144 or more are on sale for $80, with discounts on select products, food and toy drives, giveaways, in-store customer appreciation days, and more. Los Angeles When San Diego.

Kushmas bundles are available in several options with reindeer names such as Rudolph, Comet, Blitzen, Dasher, Donner, and Prancer, each with a mix of floral, edible, and other cannabis products. It features premium cannabis products from brands like Lowell Farms, Kurvana and more.

Emjay launched in 2019 and has grown to become one of the leading California-based cannabis delivery and retail platforms. Emjay also opened retail stores in Los Angeles and La Mesa, California. One of the company’s main selling points is to offer prices comparable to those found at pharmacy counters.

“…whatever you choose will be delivered by one of the industry’s most professional couriers,” the company says on its website. The whole experience matters, from how you see it to how they end up looking in your living room.Everything about weed.No markups.A better experience.We are Emjay and the world’s best cannabis delivery Because we provide a service.”

Roots of Santa Claus

Holiday season marketing gimmicks are nothing new, especially in the cannabis industry. high times magazine We explored the topic in depth, usually when someone dressed as Santa got into trouble.

There may even be a psychedelic connection between the origin story of Santa Claus and psychedelics. high times magazine, the late Glenn O’Brien, the publication’s counterculture correspondent, examined the connection between Santa Claus and a particular type of psychedelic mushroom: the fly agaric, also known as the toad that conquered space. In fact, O’Brien argues that the mere existence of Santa may be related To the shaman of Lapland who ate fly agaric.

For more cannabis holiday gift ideas, check out The Ultimate High Times Holiday Gift Guide 2022.

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