Singapore Executes Man for Cannabis Trafficking

Singapore Executes Man for Cannabis Trafficking

Amnesty International begs to quit 5th execution in Singapore in less than 4 monthsA man whose name was not disclosed was executed hanging in Changi Prison Complex in eastern Singapore on charges of trafficking cannabis.

Execution in Singapore “Long drop hanging”— Usually done at dawn. The country is famous for the use of corporals and the death penalty, and the country’s hanging system has been criticized for at least the last two the meantime WhiplashFor example, a 1.2 meter long cane, about 1.2 centimeters in diameter, is sometimes used to beat perpetrators for drug crimes. The death penalty is mandatory for cannabis trafficking crimes.

Thanks to activists like Kokira Anamarai, We know when serious injustice will occur in the farthest parts of the world during the war on drugs. People like Anna Marai are tired of executing drug-related crimes, especially when cannabis and other harmless crimes are involved.

“It was confirmed that a 49-year-old Singaporean Malay man was executed in Changi Prison on July 26,” Anna Malai said. Tweet.. “He has been in prison since 2015 after being convicted of trafficking in cannabis (marijuana). He was sentenced to compulsory death.”

Activists say that racism is part of the equation, as the region is said to tend to make racist decisions during legal proceedings.A 49-year-old Malay man executed for cannabis trafficking He was one of 17 prisoners who filed a proceeding accusing the Singaporean government of racial prejudice. In prosecution in the death penalty. Unfortunately, the proceedings were abandoned and almost everyone involved in the proceedings was allegedly targeted, even by the defense lawyer.

“This is the sixth confirmed run in four months,” Annamalai continued in a subsequent tweet. “He was one of 17 prisoners who filed a historic proceeding condemning Singapore’s racial prejudice in prosecution in the death penalty. The proceeding was dismissed last year and their lawyer M Ravi was in justice. He was fined after being charged with abuse of the process by the Secretary (AG). “

Singapore is rarely disclosed in the form of a hanging, even if there is information about executions. Local death penalty non-governmental organizations (NGOs) like A set of transformative justice Ask questions about the dead and their surroundings. They obtain information through relatives of other prisoners and prisoners, but that is the only way information is possible.

Singapore officials also executed another man with a long history of drug use and other drug-related crimes, Singaporean Nazeli Razim, 64, who was convicted of trafficking 960 grams of heroin in 2017. Did.

Earlier this month VICE World News He followed the family of a convict on death row in Singapore on suspicion of drugs. They found that the president’s amnesty was denied, destroying the hope of being caught in drugs in one of the toughest places on the planet.

“This morning, a Malaysian family of Karwanto Singh in a death sentence cell in Singapore was informed that his execution was scheduled for July 7, 2022 next week,” said the transformative justice group. Tweeted on the 29th of March.

Shin was arrested for drugs in 2013. He was 23 at the time and spent the last nine years in prison.

According to activists, executions by hanging were suspended during COVID-19.

VICE World News Report Malaysia and Singapore shared GungHo’s approach to the death penalty, but their approach to drugs was originally rooted in British colonial law. But near Thailand, cannabis has been criminalized, suggesting that drug reform has been delayed in some corners of the world.

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