Cannabis YouTuber Chrissy Harless’s Channel Deleted Without Explanation

Cannabis YouTuber Chrissy Harless’s Channel Deleted Without Explanation

according to interview April 5th WeedTube co-founder Arend RichardCreating cannabis video content is Chrissy Harless’s livelihood. “That’s my [sole] income. That’s my job. HarlessMediaGroup LLC. That’s … the way my husband is now working with us at home. How can we spend more time with our children and live a happier life, “Harles said. “”[YouTube is] You can advertise gambling in advertisements, medicines in advertisements, and alcohol. YouTube [is] You can accept money from their advertisers to promote it in ads. These are all regulated industries, but aren’t content creators allowed to do the same? I don’t even beautify it. I don’t consume too much. I am very educational. Harles’s Normal content It consisted of reviews and unpacking videos of various cannabis-related products.

With the removal of the channel, Harles predicts that it will affect not only his family, but also many brands he works with frequently. “Small businesses. Almost all of them are small businesses. Situations like Etsy shops and pops with moms. A diverse group of small businesses just trying to share something safe.” Harles closes his account. We believe that links to these companies and products may be the cause, but we haven’t received an official explanation from YouTube.

she Instagram The account was also recently banned, but after a month of action she was able to at least regain ownership of the account. When she was asked why she kept trying, she replied that it was her pleasure. “Because I’m passionate about it and I love it,” she explained. “It has benefited my life and helped me find happiness in my life. And I know that others will benefit from it. Others I know I’m benefiting from it. “

Harles said she would move to have surgery WeedTube from now on. “I hope more people will rely on TheWeedTube! Their view, general cannabis content consumption,” Harles said. “Because it’s really the only secure platform you can share and don’t worry about. And everyone there is still responsible for it. [YouTube] Pointing this out shows that there is still a lot of stigma left. As they think cannabis is dangerous. it’s not. [YouTube and Google] I don’t know how safe this is [cannabis] teeth. “

according to Richard, It’s the perfect platform to find an unlimited amount of cannabis video content. “What I can say for sure is that WeedTube is always open to the cannabis community and free to post content,” Richard concludes. “We were founded by deleted creators for deleted creators. We never stopped serving that purpose. And to fight all censored social media today. We look forward to bringing more features to the cannabis community. “

Cannabis content YouTube account termination trend four years ago 2018.. At the time, account owners reported that they had been on strike three times before their account was officially deleted (although the time frame for which their account was officially deleted seemed to be different). In the case of Harles, he didn’t go on strike at all before his account closed (although he mentions the strike he took about two years ago).

WeedTube motion To draw attention to cannabis censorship on Instagram in March Petition It tells Instagram’s leadership: “Participate in a roundtable with cannabis industry experts to update policies and regulations on legitimate cannabis content and provide a fair and equal opportunity for a fast-growing industry. I am asking for that.

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