Smart Approaches to Marijuana Exec Attacks ‘Fake’ Cannabis Research on Fox

Smart Approaches to Marijuana Exec Attacks ‘Fake’ Cannabis Research on Fox

The Smart Approach to Marijuana (SAM), an anti-cannabis political group, made a prime time appearance on Fox News to criticize what they believed to be the bogus research the cannabis industry voraciously promotes. exposed. SAM is a political group that opposes the legalization and commercialization of cannabis and specifically promotes penalties for cannabis use.

Luke Niforatos, Executive Vice President of SAM, said: Ingraham Angle Discuss how “Big Cannabis” is funding research at UCLA, Harvard and MIT on the efficacy of cannabis for medical purposes.

“The mainstreamization of marijuana happened at the same time that the drug’s potency, THC levels, increased exponentially,” warned Ingraham, linking it to “violent behavior.” explores the dangers of cannabis and denounces “cannabis psychosis” as the rise in mass shootings is widely legalized.

Niforatos then delivered a new mixed bag of reefer madness and hysteria.Niforathus Said“We’re seeing addiction rates rising. They’re targeting our children.” all kinds How many car accidents on the road! So they all come from research. ”

“So what do they do?” Niforatos said of the cannabis industry. “They go to their biggest investor, brother tobacco, and start pumping out fake, fake research. The company was called “Nugs”. It is not operated by Sir. Are you Isaac Newton? ”

original research

Niphorathus mentioned research article by los angeles times We are investigating the funding behind cannabis research. Specifically, UCLA researchers faced claims that the lab’s work was truly independent.

Niforatos explained that the people behind cannabis companies should not be taken seriously.

“These are the Khanna Brothers who run these companies, and they are not trying to advance scientific research, they are paying for publicity and misinformation. That’s exactly what Big Tobacco did.” They killed millions of Americans to make money, and that’s what marijuana wants to do with Big Tobacco investors,” he said.

SAM said former Congressman Patrick Kennedy, who supported medical marijuana but not recreational marijuana, and former White House drug policy adviser Patrick Kennedy, responded to legalization efforts in Colorado and Washington. Founded by Kevin Sabet, David Frum and others.

However, SAM has been criticized for: Taking the Best of Negative Statistics from Pot Studies.

But who is behind SAM?

2016, Vise examined in detail Who exactly is funding the SAM agenda To fight cannabis legalization. Among the list of donors were casino owners, former U.S. ambassadors, police officers, prison guards, alcohol merchants and pharmaceutical companies selling fentanyl.

A $500,000 donation from Insys Therapeutics was matched by a donation from Arizonans to Responsible Drug Policy for Top Donors. Insys is a pharmaceutical company known for marketing the pain reliever fentanyl in the form of a sublingual spray.

a washington post Insys Therapeutics Article Spent $500,000 to keep pot illegal and “just got DEA approval for synthetic marijuana.” Ironically, a 2019 federal jury Insys Therapeutics founder John Kapoor has been convicted of carrying out a widespread scheme to bribe doctors across the country. We’re talking about the company’s fentanyl spray, Subsis.

In 2019, the New York Chapter of Smarter Approaches to Marijuana forced to disclose donors, just before legalization rolled out in the states. The state’s Joint Public Ethics Commission rejected a request by the organization to keep donors private.

Dismissing medical research on cannabis with the help of SAM is a slippery slope.

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