Spliff Vape: New Tech Allows Cannabis, Nicotine To Be Vaped Simultaneously

Spliff Vape: New Tech Allows Cannabis, Nicotine To Be Vaped Simultaneously

Spliffs, blunts, mokes, mole bowls, scoffes, and slaps are just a few of the incredibly silly names Stoner has given to various methods of ingesting cannabis and tobacco at the same time. Since cannabis is oil-based and nicotine juice is water-based, so far no one has been able to combine the two.

come in ExStax, a cannabis technology and extraction company in Arizona. Co-CEO Rick Avila said: high times Every cartridge they sell comes with a removable mouthpiece, allowing users to use the cartridge as-is or basically stack the vaporizer chambers on top of each other and hit them at the same time.

“You can stack as many batteries as you want,” said Avila, noting that new batteries are currently in development. The battery automatically detects how many cartridges are installed (up to 6 at a time) and adjusts power levels accordingly. .

I haven’t really tried this product myself yet, so I have absolutely no idea how well it will work, but it’s a comforting first thing to do on our next family trip to Arizona. Involving all the very heady and flavorful possibilities to do. That said, as Avila explained, potential uses are not limited to cannabis and nicotine, so this is something that could actually change the way cannabis patients take their medication.

“To give you an example of someone using CBD or marijuana, they put it in one cartridge. B-12 gives her energy, which is a water-soluble vitamin currently on the market along with other vape devices. There are a lot of different water-soluble vitamins that you can put in there,” Avila said.

I am a journalist, not a doctor, so I cannot confirm the safety or effectiveness of vitamins, much less combine them with other random oils. It’s hard to say, as we’ve found that no research has been done. FDA They have been known to recall products, fine companies selling vape juice with impurities or misleading information on their labels, or worse. So if you’re going to inhale vitamins in weed, it might be best to check with your doctor, or at least make sure the product is made in America and has been lab-tested for things you don’t want in your lungs. Hmm.

The technology is currently only available at select Arizona dispensaries with ExStax products, but the actual stacking components and blank cartridges are available for purchase. wholesaleSo, essentially, if you want to try this vape, you’ll have to haunt your favorite local brand enough until you go to Arizona or they start using the same components in their cartridges.

I will get a rental car and drive as fast as I can until I get to Phoenix. So find and buy at least a dozen of the bakery’s and see how they smoke. I quit nicotine many years ago, but the devil may be choking me with this.

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