Five-Year-Old Missouri Child Gets Delta-8 Edibles in Halloween Bag

Five-Year-Old Missouri Child Gets Delta-8 Edibles in Halloween Bag

Law enforcement in a suburb of St. Louis are looking for clues after a 5-year-old boy ate Delta 8 food at a local Halloween event.

St. Charles Missouri Police Department Said “We have received a single report of a parent finding a small bag of Delta 88.” [sic] Edibles similar to gummy worms at Saturday’s “Trunk or Treat” event.

The children’s mother, Tiffany Burroughs, offered her side of the story in an interview with local media.

“They loved going out in costume,” Burroughs told local news station KMOV.

It wasn’t until Burroughs and her sons got home that she noticed something a little unusual among the candy loot.

“When we walked through the door, I remembered it and said, ‘Oh, show me that.’ did. she said to the station.

The station reported that Burroughs notified both local police and JJ’s Restaurant, which hosted the Halloween event.

JJ’s co-owner Stephen Bell says he couldn’t find any other contraband on the premises.

“Me, the manager and another owner walked around the grounds. We looked for everyone’s goodies and found none.” Bell said to the station.

On Saturday, St. Charles Police posted an announcement on Facebook, urging anyone who attended the event to “check the kids’ candy.”

However, like Bell, police say they were unable to locate the source.

“After a thorough search of the area by officers, no one was handing out this item. We are investigating to determine how this happened.” The police department said in a social media post.

Lieutenant Tom Wilkeson of the St. Charles Police Department said: KMOV He and his fellow police officers frame the matter as a simple accident.

“At this point, I don’t think there was any malicious intent. For some reason, these gummy worms look like candy, so they got mixed in with the candy. Wilkinson told the station.

The Halloween season always brings with it the fear of cannabis-infused food arriving in the trick-or-treat bags of young people.

last October, many state attorneys general It issued a warning that children would unintentionally eat contaminated gummies.

“These lookalike cannabis products are unregulated, unsafe and illegal,” Connecticut Attorney General William Tong said at the time. “Inadvertent cannabis overdoses by children are on the rise nationwide, and these products only exacerbate this.”

New York Attorney General Letitia James has urged “parents across the state to stay vigilant against the online sale of these dangerous and misleading products.”

“These unregulated and deceptive cannabis products only confuse and harm New Yorkers, which is why they have no place in our state.” Said James. “It is imperative that we limit their access to protect our communities, and more specifically our children, given the rise in accidental overdoses among children across the country. , it is more important than ever to stop this crisis and do everything we can to prevent further harm or, at worst, death. I strongly encourage you to stay vigilant with these products and report these harmful items to my office immediately.”

However, many of these warnings have proven exaggerated, if not unfounded. Local New York station in May Reported by WGRZ James’ office has only received one complaint about fraudulent cannabis packages.

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