Statik Selektah, Bun B, and Friends on ‘TrillStatik 2’

Statik Selektah, Bun B, and Friends on ‘TrillStatik 2’

Last week Bun B and Statik Selektah released ‘TrillStatik 2’.

One of my literal home away from home sweet chickThe original location on Manhattan’s Lower East Side is definitely my go-to place, and I’ve eaten everything on its menu several times. A very cool and creative colleague of mine is known as a collective based in New York City. good life (led by photographer Craig Wetherby), had their legendary family dinner and domino night every Tuesday. Pre-legalization, this night and place is New York I know because the kitchen staff pretended not to see a group of mates pass by and opened the back door to set it ablaze in our private smoking room A section that was a clutch for Stoner in the city.

Currently in New York City, cannabis laws are progressive. Cigarette smoke can be smoked loudly anywhere that is allowed, so this restaurant (owned by John Seymour, Kyle Martin, and hip-hop royalty Nas) is the perfect place for creative vibes to flow. . With that said, it wasn’t surprising that the beloved Sweet Chick LES location ended up being the official hub for live streaming the creation. trill static 2— the entire album produced by static selector starring Van B With a special guest (of UGK). The complete project was recorded, mixed and mastered within his 24 hours and is available on all platforms starting Friday, December 9th.

Photo courtesy: Eric Sasso.

Statik Selektah is one of my old friends. In his early years, I personally witnessed his rise within the hip-hop ranks, making the pilgrimage from Boston to New York City as often as possible. offices were raided and the mixtape game was officially declared over, Static began releasing a commercial album with 100% of the production himself.

A catalog of ten studio albums soon to be released under his belt, featuring impressive hard-hitting performances from Wiz Khalifa, Action Bronson, Griselda and more, speaks for itself. . He has created special moments with his musical collaborations over the years. For example, they brought together hip-hop veterans Sean Price and Mac Miller on the same track, dropped a song on 2Chainz, and created an entire album together (release TBD). and of course Trill Statik The legendary Bun B series.

I’m a big UGK fan so I was planning on going to this event.Very impressed at first sight Trill Statikand overall respect for Bun B as an incredible artist, activist, and pothead. aster club Hit me, “Are you okay?” sentences. After all, Sweet Chick’s office was transformed into his pop-up recording studio, complete with his lounge, an artist with article-worthy hospitality. For starters, Astor Club has one of his finest rollers on site and has selected VIP guests Blunt or Dooby to roll.

The Astor Club donated half a pound of Fire RS-11. But that’s not all. puffco Prizes with Proxy and Pro on deck. trichadelic When pressure labs. vibes papers was also a sponsor, which was helpful when I was introduced later in the evening Tenco The team that allowed me to try pink sushi. It’s easily become my new favorite now.Also a big shout out to Matt Himart, Johnny Nunes (who has all the photos, according to Nas), plus a cannabis brand rhythmpartnered with hip-hop legend Jadakiss.

At some point in this lovely evening, I am completely elated. I mean, I feel great and I’m ready to do some journalism. I’m going to make money here.I made the terrible mistake of interrupting Bun B when he was writing a rhyme. Without hesitation, I approached the Legend and fired the shot. “Where are we in the process?” I asked. he replied with a smirk. Well, maybe we should have played the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme music at that point.

Statik, Dave East and Paul Wall Talk Music

Tired of being welcomed into the studio space, I went to the artist lounge for an interview and grabbed my excellent Sasso to capture a few song breakdowns.

“We Live” Appearance Dave East & Ginel

high times: Guys, are you ready to release this album tonight?

Dave East: Statik?! When is this coming out?

Statik: It’s out tonight.

east: No, it’s too fast. Who Mixes Your Music?

Static: It’s me. I mix everything I do.

Tell me about this record you just created.

east: The track you just booed is great. Thanks to Statik Selektah, this was my first time working with him. Statik has my sound. There are very few producers who can embody their sound and rock in. Working with Statik is a layup. Hear the beat and say, “Let’s go!” I turned around to see who the engineer was and Stat was recording me!

Statik: If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

Mr. East, what are you smoking?

east: Eastco baby all day long. Eastlatto and Eastpop are coming soon.

Appearing in “Ain’t No Tellin'” 38 Spash, graph & Haile Supreme

Spesh, please tell us about your accomplishments with this project.

38 Spesh: Man, the record we just made was awesome. I went in, heard the beat, and it was my type of vibe. I had no idea what they were doing. When I started, it was a tempo that I’m used to, and it was like a sample that I personally chopped up, so when I heard it, I was like, “Damn, you made this! , I really appreciate him, he is actually one of the real people I met on this trip.

“Every Hour” Special Feature Nemus & Papoose

Nems, please tell us about your contribution to this project.

Nems: Bun said to me, Vulgar. Be rude. Statik sent me a beat on my phone. I don’t like writing with crazy people. I like being in the zone So I went to the truck with two bad bitches and wrote a poem in 20 minutes. I made it Bing Bong!

“Building Bridges” Special Feature paul wall & the term

Paul Wall, how was your experience?

Paul Wall: This was a dope experience. Bun B was the first person to come into the studio to help us figure things out when he thought we were on to something. taught me how to be We have been following the leader for a long time. he is the leader I actually missed the first one and ended up riding the Deluxe Edition. So when I saw them doing this, I was like, ‘I gotta be there.

what are you smoking

Paul Wall: I was smoking Aster Club pre-rolls all night and someone gave me a 911 pack.

In conclusion, Bun B is a great artist who should always be applauded, but don’t let that get in the way. Message to Bun: Sorry for the interruption during creation. I have never had a trill burger. to be continued…? trill static 2 Now released on all platforms.

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