New York Gov. Hochul Signs Bill To Expand Industrial Hemp

New York Gov. Hochul Signs Bill To Expand Industrial Hemp

New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed into law on Tuesday A bill aimed at expanding the state’s industrial hemp industry.

The bill, sponsored by Democratic Senator Michelle Hinchey, is intended to “promote the use of New York-grown industrial hemp by New York State businesses,” and is intended to “work with urban areas to reach the Farm Markets Commission.” Directs: Development Corporation [New York State] The Hemp Workgroup and industry representatives develop a plan to expand the industrial hemp market opportunity for increased use in manufacturing and construction materials, including packaging, textiles and hemp crete. ”

“Hemp is the material of the future, and positioning New York as a major producer of the world’s industrial hemp supply will help combat the climate crisis, bring massive economic development to New York’s rural communities, and unlock new revenue streams. It is a winning strategy for improving the financial situation of farmers.” Hinchey said in a statement Tuesday. “A world proud to have passed a hemp bill and directed states to seek strategic cooperation.”

Industrial hemp was legalized at the federal level in 2018, and Congress passed the Farm Bill, paving the way for states to allow its cultivation.

Since then, state leaders have eagerly approved their own laws and regulations for hemp production, taking advantage of the burgeoning new industry.

In New York, hemp farmers were given ground floor access to another cash crop after Hochul signed a bill in February that allowed them to apply for a conditional license to grow marijuana. The state legalized his recreational use and sale in 2021.

“We are proud to be signing this bill, which will make New York farmers the first to grow cannabis and revitalize the safe, equitable and inclusive new industry we are building. ” Said at the time. “New York State will continue to lead the way in delivering on our commitment to bringing economic opportunity and growth to every New Yorker in every corner of our great state.”

Hinchey also celebrated the signing of the bill.

“Today is an exciting day for New York City as a bill has been passed that will give New York farmers the ability to start a cannabis market. [new marijuana law] Establishing the state’s foundation for building a truly circular cannabis economy that puts New York’s farmers and small business pharmacies at the center of growth and production. The bill’s signature allows farmers to plant seeds in the ground to meet the demand of this burgeoning industry. We thank Gov. Ho Chul for his swift response to this bill so that we can work to build the most advanced and socially equitable cannabis industry in the country. ” Hinchey said in a statement at the time:

New York Adult Cannabis Market

Since taking office in August 2021 to replace former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Ho-Chol has been busy launching and running the state’s new adult cannabis industry.

Ho-chol, who was first elected as an incumbent state governor in last month’s midterm elections, said in October that he expects the first regulated pot retailer to open up to customers by the end of the year.

“We expect the first 20 clinics to open by the end of this year,” the Democratic governor said at the time. “And every month or so, and he 20 more times. It works and it will be successful.”

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