STIIIZY Offers MJ Production Jobs to 400 Laid-Off Burger King Workers in Michigan

STIIIZY Offers MJ Production Jobs to 400 Laid-Off Burger King Workers in Michigan

STIIIZY, a prominent cannabis brand best known for its vaporizers, has laid off Burger King employees after its franchise owners closed 26 locations last week, mostly in the greater Detroit metropolitan area. I offered to hire you. In total, more than 400 workers were laid off as a result of the closure. STIIIZY is based in California and in Michigan where he has three retail stores and his one production facility.

The cannabis company announced its next move twitter On Monday, it “offered over 400 jobs to Burger King employees who were recently laid off due to shutdowns around Detroit!” STIIIZY’s Twitter account also shared a link and screenshot to Crime News Detroit. Instagram postprovides details.

STIIIZY Managing Partner Ryan Jundt also made an appearance prior to the social media announcement. WWJ 950 News Radio We dive into the company’s decisions on April 22nd.

“Last night I actually read detroit news The article said more than 400 people lost their jobs at Burger King,” Giant told host Mike Campbell. “And I wanted to convey a message of hope as well as a depressing message.”

Employees were offered jobs at the STIIIZY production facility in Orion Township. The company produces a range of cannabis products, including pod vape lines, infused blunts, and pre-rolls. Jundt said positions within the manufacturing sector have very similar skill sets to fast food jobs.

“So they’re going to roll blunts, joints, filling vape cartridges,” said Junt. “So they’re going from burgers to blunts and joints.”

Jundt said the company is offering to fill “more than 200 positions immediately.” Jundt said that in the “next three to four months,” if there is enough interest, STIIIZY could also hire the rest of his 200-plus burger and former Burger King employees. Workers will be able to choose between part-time or full-time work.

“It’s a full-time, great work environment. You’re profitable after 90 days and people seem to enjoy it.

The new jobs start at $16 an hour for day shifts and $16.50 for night shifts, and offer more benefits than Burger King. average wage For non-managers. Campbell said the rate was a “good start” but still challenging for employees to make a living.

Jundt responded by estimating that about 80-90% of the company’s executive team started in entry-level positions.

“We are going crazy,” said Jant. “Here in Michigan, we’re only about half of our product line actually launched. So we need a lot of work. And with more work, we need more managers. Work hard and be yourself.” As long as you are willing to dedicate yourself to your work, you can get promoted quickly in this company.”

According to Texas-based Burger King franchise owner EYM King of Michigan, the WARN notice sent to the Michigan Department of Labor said: detroit free press report.

In a letter, Michigan’s EYM King said 26 stores will be closed from March 17 and will be completed by April 15. Burger King Corporation also alleges “breach of written agreement” in the lawsuit filed against Eduardo E. Diaz, EYM King. Michigan, LLC and EYM King, LP

Dismissed Burger King employees can simply send their names, phone numbers and email addresses to, Janto said. A resume can also be attached to the email, but it is not required.

Jundt adds:

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